Whether it is your wedding shower, wedding day, birthday or another special occasion you will probably become the proud recipient of gifts, gift cards, cards or money. Since someone has found you special enough to “gift” you, you should automatically train yourself to try to automatically find a pen, an appropriate thank you note card and begin writing your appreciation to those who have blessed you with their gift giving. Not only is it caring and personal to write a thank you note, more importantly, it is very extremely inconsiderate not do so. Instead of calling all your gift givers and thanking them verbally, you should utilize the easier and thoughtful gesture of sending them their own thank you card..  If you have received a gift card, or gold old hard cold cash, be sure to let the gift giver know how you plan to spend it, whether is be on something for the house, the yard or a luxury you wouldn’t have been able to indulge in without their wonderful gift. It should make them happy to know that their gift was not only appreciated, but put to good use. When sending your thank you, although it is never...Read More
Once your guests begin arriving be sure to great them warmly, and place their cookies in their “star” position. When everyone has arrived you can proceed with introductions and whatever type of entertainment you desire. It is usually a good ice breaker to play a game, to start the laughter and chatter flowing. One suggestion of a game that works well with the holidays is to simply have one guest ask the person next to them a personal question about the holidays….when they answer they can in turn ask the person next to them a question. Questions, for example, could be what was your best Christmas, or what is the best Christmas present you ever received, etc. This type of game involves everyone and also shares heartfelt personal memories. Once your have broken the ice and spent some time with one another you should also begin serving your refreshments….any finger food and light appetizers would be appropriate. During the last forty five minutes or so, you should start the actual cookie exchange. Provide everyone with boxes, baskets or something to fill with cookies…have wax paper and plenty of plastic wrap on hand…Then instruct them to move from station to station...Read More
Do you love offering and sampling homemade cookies, but find your schedule doesn’t allow the time you need to bake a large variety? If so, you are probably surrounded by friends and relatives with the same problem. Why not have some fun and initiate a Cookie Exchange Party? What could be more fun to host, or attend, then something that allows you to visit, and walk away with a freshly baked large variety of favorite cookies? A Cookie Exchange Party is normally held close to the holidays so that you will be able to enjoy your take home stash with family and loved ones. Once you have decided on a day that will best fit your schedule, and who you would like to attend, you can begin shopping for your party invitations. American Stationery has a large number of invitations that can be personalized in a variety of styles and ink colors. They even have photo invitations…an inviting platter of cookies could be your intro. Whatever you choose be sure you include the date, time and what each guest should provide. Typically each guest is asked to bring a dozen cookies for all attendees. So, if you have eight cookie...Read More
We’ll begin with ideas for all the lucky FEMALES on your list. The first mention is a lovely array of Fashion Memos that arrive in their own acrylic holder, and are tied with a stylish bow. They can be coordinated with any décor, and used by anyone for lists, notes and quick reminders. There is also the Executive Desktop Memo Set, a larger desktop memo set that includes varying sizes of memo pads in a nice assortment of ink colors. In this day and age a personal note still means a great deal to the receiver. There are some beautiful notes available and our recommendations range from a basic embossed monogram (Timeless Embossed Notes), a traditional thermograved Embossed Triple Border Note, a floral motif embossed design that frames your embossed name (Cherish Embossed Notes), a traditional Debossed Panel Informal Note, or a colorful hand written Calligraphy Note for starters. If you want something with classic elegance any of the following correspondence cards should fit the bill, and they can all be enhanced with any of a large selection of envelope linings available. These popular correspondence cards are 6 ¼” x 4 ½” in size and allow for ample correspondence room....Read More
A few other all-purpose gift suggestions are coordinated Design Your Own cups and napkins. These will allow you to personalize the perfect hostess gift with a large variety of designer icons, cup size choices and ink colors. Personalized colorful party napkins can also add some cheer to your holiday gift giving in colorful red, green or blue. For the bridge players in your life consider a set of personalized playing cards and bridge pads. There are also a nice assortment of holiday shipping labels, and address seals for those on your list that don’t fit anywhere else. Lastly, one of the newest products on the market place is personalized designer tape. It comes in five attractive color/design choices and can be phrased as you desire, better yet this tape is repositionable, so you can use it again and again. We hope this provides you with a lot of quick and easy picks for all your gift giving occasions throughout the year. American Stationery provides a truly personal quality product, at a moderate price. It should be your first stop for a gift with “WOW” appeal!  
If you have male or female EXECUTIVES on your shopping list there are a number of items that are sure to meet with their approval. Executive Stationery is perfect for corporate correspondence, and is works with laser printers. There are Deluxe Business Memos that are great for quick notes, and provide all pertinent contact information on one sheet. One should also consider the Classic Bordered Calling Cards in a wonderful array of colors and/or the Slender Hand Bordered Single Panel Cards in a choice of  Navy, Hunter or Wine. These are the perfect size for a business note.    
For the CHILDREN on your list we recommend the darling wooden name puzzles or wooden name stools – sports or daisy. They come in a boy or girl selection, and kids love them! Another idea is the cute selection of Critter notes with matching seals. They come in a variety of ink color, Critter design choices, and are a great way to introduce writing a personal note to youngsters. For TEENS there is a colorful Damask Dot Ensemble that contains notes, cards and a coordinating bubblegum liner. This is a very cute and nice set. There is also a great assortment of memo pads in all sizes and quantities that will be very useful in any college dorm or home office. Just look through the memo category to find a complete viewing of these. If you have someone away from home you could consider return address labels or self seal envelopes with an accompanying note pad. These necessary and thoughtful items can be easily found in a nice assortment on the website.
For the MALES on your list we suggest the classic look of the Corinthian Notes. These masculine notes are printed in raised ink, in a nice selection of ink colors. Another item to consider are the Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards in Brown, Hunter, Navy or Black borders, just do a review of the hand bordered category for more border options. These can be paired with a plain coordinating lined envelope and are a surefire hit with anyone on the receiving end. If you have a traveler on your list a nice set of brass or black Engraved Luggage Tags are a thoughtful gift as well.    
If you are among those individuals that find gift giving to be “an adventure” the next two weeks were designed with you in mind. American Stationery can provide unique and thoughtful personalized gifts, have something to fit every occasion, and something appropriate for everyone lucky enough to have made your list! In short, they can make shopping an easy one shop process! We’ve accumulated gift suggestions that would be suitable for Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Bosses Day, Birthday’s (adult and toddler), Graduation, Anniversaries, Open Houses and many other special events decorating your social calendar. With the gender, age and assorted personal preferences of your “giftee” in mind the following suggestions are a few “must have” items to consider.   
Question: On the bottom of my daughters birthday invitation I would like to give some ideas on things she likes since I am always asked what she is “into” at this time. Is that appropriate? Debra The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Debra, It is never appropriate to offer written gift ideas on a party invitation. I know that you would be doing this as a convenience for the guests; however, this could be misinterpreted as “legislating” what gifts your daughter is to receive. If the guests want gift suggestions, they will ask and then you may offer some ideas. Thank you for asking Everyday Etiquette. I hope the birthday party is a huge success. Ms. Carey
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