Planning an event can be fun, but stressful. Depending on your budget, timeline, and the number of guests, things can get pretty overwhelming. Having a party for 15 people, opposed to 150, is much easier for obvious reasons, like preparing food and drinks, finding enough space, and so on. If you have limited funds, you have to be much more creative with activities, entertainment, and decorations. If you can organize your event ahead of time, you will avoid some unnecessary headaches. The more you can plan, the easier and smoother everything will go.   It does not matter if you are planning for a child’s first birthday, a wedding, or a baby shower, because many of the same factors go into hosting any event. Although the answers will be different, you will still have similar questions, like the following:   Where will you have the party? When should the party be? (This includes the date, start time, and end time.) How many guests should you invite, and who are they? What should be on the menu? (This includes food, drinks, and desserts.) What decorations should you use? What kind of entertainment should be present? What type of party favors should...Read More
Hanukkah is a beautiful and bright time of year, full of light, family, and hope.  It’s a time for both family and friends to gather together in an atmosphere of thanks, as well as festivity.  To get the most out of the season and host a truly unforgettable party, check out these ideas that bring together traditional celebrations along with innovative new options. Food: This is one of the most important aspects of any Hanukkah celebration.  Food is something that brings people together, celebrates cultural as well as family traditions, and that offers a great deal of fulfillment.  No celebration is complete without traditional latkes.  You can pull out a time-honored family recipe, or even mix things up a bit, as there are a wide variety of latke recipes available.  Who knows? You might stumble upon a new family favorite destined to become a new tradition.  Also think of brisket, smoked salmon, and garlic mashed potato croquettes.  Matzo balls and various spreads/dips are also great, but don’t neglect dessert items: fritters with a variety of fillings, doughnuts (sufganiyot), even sugar cookies and pastries shaped like menorahs or dreidels. Decorations: While you certainly need a menorah placed in a central place...Read More
There is no better way of celebrating Thanksgiving than by throwing a Thanksgiving dinner party for your friends, family, co-workers, teachers, and neighbors. Getting together with the people you know and love is what the spirit of Thanksgiving entails. A lot of people shy away from arranging a party simply because they do not know how to make the party come alive. There is no accurate way to predict how a party is going to go or how much fun people are going to have at it. However, you can improve your chances of making your party a super-hit success if you plan ahead with a few wonderful ideas. Here are some ideas that you can work with when planning your exceptional Thanksgiving party. 1) A Themed Party The first thing that you need to do to make your party special is give it a creative and amazing theme that everyone will love and relate to. Setting a theme for the party also makes it easier for you to plan the party better. A theme that focuses on the reflective spirit of the holiday or the season of autumn should be a perfect fit. You can literally turn your living...Read More
Motherhood is an exciting journey for any mom, whether it’s her first child or third. Along with the excitement during the nine months of preparation comes the baby shower! This is a party where the mom-to-be and her family and friends celebrate the new bundle of joy. Planning your baby shower can be stressful, and expecting mothers need to try to stay as relaxed as possible during these months. We’re here to help you come up with themes, games, and tips for all your baby shower needs! Themes While some moms-to-be may groan when thinking of a themed baby shower, themes can bring a greater sense of festivity to the shower. There are plenty of themes from traditional to modern to choose from. As long as you don’t go over the top, you can create a tasteful event that doesn’t come across as cheesy. Since it can be hard to start brainstorming, we have included some of our favorite unexpected baby shower themes: • Book themed • Alphabet letters • Flower power • Baby bird • Mod baby shower • Polka-dot • Spa treatment • Tea party • Brunch • Noah’s ark Game Ideas When it comes to baby shower...Read More
Party time! Summer is approaching, which means the weather’s heating up and it’s time to go outside! Gather some family and friends and let’s have a pool party. The most fun you could ever have around your pool, is when you have guests and are entertaining. Pool parties are a great way to get people together, whether you’re planning a party for children, adults, friends or family. It is the perfect time to show off your pool and yard. The key here is preparation. Invitations, menus, helpers, pool, and yard will all need to be taken care of in advance. The more you do ahead of time, the more time you will have to enjoy the party. Start about a month before the party. Make a list of who you want to come. Party Chihuahua Invitations A cute Chihuahua is ready for a fiesta! These invitations are perfect for your Cinco de Mayo, graduation, or other festive celebration. Set includes 20 invitations and 20 plain White envelopes Decide if it’s adults only Decide whether your party includes children and specify it on the invitation. If you are hosting kids, post safety signs around the pool and ban diving. Make sure...Read More
Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate life and have fun with your good friends, meet new people, and enjoy an evening on your own turf. Is your place suitable? Whatever the size, consider the fixtures and fittings. Can you afford to let the carpets get mashed up, and how is your landlord going to react if someone puts the fridge through the window? Think about the reason for your party. Is this a party to celebrate a birthday or an international party holiday? Or maybe you were just thinking of throwing a Friday-night house party to get together with your friends. Things to consider with each reason: age appropriateness, decorations, theme for dressing, location, food, beverages, who you should invite, and just how many people you’d like to invite. Learn how to pick out your party theme, what kind of supplies you might need, and activities to do during your party. Birthday parties: Some examples of prominent ages to celebrate with a great party are: 10-12, 16, 18, and 21. Holiday parties: These parties are centered close to or on the date of a national holiday. New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween are typically party...Read More
There’s no need to cry over kissing your 20s goodbye. Hitting the big 3-0 isn’t all that bad, especially when you throw an amazing party! After all, you deserve a celebration worthy of 30 years of being you. And, with the ultimate party to kick off the new decade, we think 30 might be your best year yet. Natural Wood Frame – Style 2, Vertical Keep your special memories on display with our Natural Wood Frames. Each frame is available laser engraved in different ways to celebrate your life. Frames hold a 4″ x 6″ photo. Features an easel back for table top display or may be hung. Size: 7″ x 9″ If your favorite band’s on tour or there’s a music festival you’ve always wanted to check out, there’s no better time to do so than your 30th birthday. Music festivals are a great place to celebrate. They include food, drinks, entertainment, and a crowd in the mood to party. The upbeat atmosphere will give you a chance to let loose, have fun, mingle, and maybe even forget about getting older. A perfect choice for the musically inclined, karaoke is a great way to celebrate. Throw a karaoke birthday...Read More
Time to pack away the winter coats and pull out those shorty shorts — spring is finally here! The temperature’s rising, the days are getting longer, and backyard grills are firing up. Yes, it’s warm weather, the time to think outside the entertaining box. So take your next party or get-together outdoors for some fun. Nothing can zap the energy out of a party or your guests like heavy summer heat. Avoid midday events, especially those between noon and 3 p.m., when the sun warms even the shadiest of spots. Try a morning brunch, late afternoon mixer, or enjoy the evening with dinner on the lawn. Once warmer weather hits, nothing is better than lounging outdoors surrounded by bright flowers, lush trees and, of course, family and friends. Good planning of outdoor areas is essential to maximizing relaxing, enjoyment and entertaining and making sure the space fits all of your needs. The front door should be your home’s exterior focal point — ramp up the appeal by painting it a rich hue, updating door hardware or adding a new knocker. For a seasonal touch, hang a spring wreath or craft your own eclectic one using gardening tools DYO 16 Oz....Read More
An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun, inexpensive, and stress-free party, enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Though Easter might not be the most common day to host a kids’ party, it certainly can be fun. With the spring weather, Easter egg hunts, party crafts and good food are sure to be a hit. Neighbors reconnect after being inside all winter. Adults watch kids experience the thrill of discovery. Kids of all ages can participate. And after the eggs are all gathered, you sit around and eat candy. What could be better? In short, an Easter Egg hunt is a fabulous occasion. It requires only a modest investment in time and money, but gives a tremendous reward in fun. Decide on the time and date. First you need to decide on the day and time on which you want to throw the Easter party. Remember on the Easter day itself people have family dinners and gatherings to attend. Selecting the day before Easter should be good option. The best and most commonly opted option is for late morning or afternoon. If you are planning to host the party on Easter Sunday, opt for an afternoon event. Design an Easter Egg...Read More
Kids love celebrating New Year’s Eve, too, but bedtimes often mean they miss out on the fun! This New Year’s celebration won’t be held at midnight though, but in the afternoon! The kids get to celebrate and you and your adult guests will have time to get home for the babysitter, so you can go out on the town and celebrate New Year’s Eve too! I would start the party around 5:00, so the kids have time to play before dinner. Have dinner at 5:45 and then a New Year’s countdown around 6:15. Then everyone would hit the road around 6:30. Send a ring pop along with your invitation that says, “Ring in the 2015 at the Miller’s New Year’s Party!” Your young guests will love the sweet treat. Make sure to specify whether parents are also invited to the party. If you’re hosting younger kids, then this is probably the wisest choice. Do you really want to watch a house full of little ones by yourself? Probably not, and parents love to see their cute kiddos enjoying a party! It’s a great photo op. If your child is “hosting” the party, then ask them to help with the invitations....Read More
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