At American Stationery, we believe in the art of letter-writing. You’re thinking "Duh, you sell paper…", right? Well, you’re right. We sell stationery that people write letters, notes and scribbles on. We sell wedding invitations and announcements to shout life’s biggest milestones from the hilltops. We sell a lot of different stuff. However, our love of letter-writing goes beyond product sales. We believe that a handwritten letter conveys so much more emotion, feeling, and long-standing worth than more impersonal means of communication. Before the dawn of the digital age, people had more "true" friends, families were closer… Part of any technology is progressive, but often as there are more things thrust at us from all sides, we as people tend to regress, to turn inward, and never share the most important of feelings, hopes, cares, and dreams. At American Stationery, we believe in the power of the letter. A hand-written letter has more influence on the life of its recipient than a hundred email forwards or MySpace comments ever will. The effect is profound, it is lasting. Someone thought enough of you to sit down, in the midst of the information age, take out a pen and their personal stationery...Read More