What is a gift enclosure card and why do you need them? These versatile cards are not very big… less than 3×4 inches; but they make a huge impact when they accompany your gift. I like to use these cards when I want to write a quick line for the recipient. “Thanks for your hospitality!” … “Thanks for watching our dog while we were away.” … “I enjoyed working on this project with you.” … “Congratulations!” … “Thanks for being such a reliable babysitter.” … “We’re glad you’re our next door neighbors.” Any heartfelt sentiment looks larger than life on these practical little cards. Gift enclosure cards can be tucked inside a gift bag, taped to a package or attached to a bottle of wine with a ribbon. Gift enclosure cards also add a touch of class to a bouquet of flowers you pick up at the local grocery store! A sticky label the size of your thumb is a good way to indicate who a gift is for and who it’s from. Using a personalized or monogrammed gift enclosure card makes a fabulous impression—and it won’t get tossed out with the wrapping paper it’s permanently stuck to. American Stationery also sells...Read More
My parents have been retired for almost 20 years and enjoy traveling together very much. They have 5 daughters, 19 grandkids and 4 great-grandchildren to visit in addition to taking trips to places they’ve always wanted to experience.  American Stationery carries Gold Stamped Luggage Tags, Big ‘n’ Bright Luggage Tags and Engraved Luggage Tags. These personalized and durable markets are perfect for them! They don’t have to worry about someone else picking up their luggage by mistake. Like everything that American Stationery sells these luggage tags are quality products—they can stand up to any rough trearment they may encounter. I can’t always travel with my parents; but I can help make their adventures less stressful by helping them locate their luggage as soon as it slides onto the baggage carousel! —Mindy Mac
There are 19 grandchildren on my side of the family ranging in age from age 4 to 29! Family reunions are a little chaotic; but it’s always good to be together. We’ll have three weddings within eight months as excuses for a little family togetherness! My nieces and soon-to-be niece in-law love the idea of starting a new Life. Everything is new—especially their last name! So giving these brides personalized stationery and address labels to help them announce their new identities to the world has been a huge hit. American Stationery has a vast selection of writing papers, labels and stampers to choose from allowing me to select a very personal gift in every sense of the word. For the traditional bride I’ll go with something classic like the Timeless Embossed Notes or the elegant Black Hand Bordered Cards. For the bride with more contemporary taste the Hot Pink Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards or the Fun Personal Notes are perfect. These young ladies appreciate the fact that I choose something that reflects their individual style and personality. It lets them know that I care about them and their new adventure; and a personalized gift always stands out in a pile...Read More
I am a bargain hunter. When I walk into a store I seek out the sale racks and head immediately in that direction. So it’s not a big surprise that I shop in American Stationery’s clearance stationery section on their web site. There are 48 items listed right now—prices are reduced and there’s a huge selection to choose from. You can fmd just about anything there: note cards, memo pads, correspondence cards, gift bags, napkins, holiday items, fabric notepad & checkbook covers, place cards & holders, hand bordered writing papers and envelopes, playing cards. . . even nautical swizzle sticks! I strongly urge you to visit American Stationery’s clearance section for yourself. — Mindy Mac Read more from Mindy Mac
I know it’s appropriate to take a hostess gift to those who have opened their home to me for a meal or an overnight stay; but I’m not always sure what to take. American Stationery sells quite a few items that make perfect hostess gifts! The Original Trio Spa Soap set with your hosts’ monogram carved onto the surface is elegant and compliments any color scheme or style of home. Personalized Bow Pads or monogrammed Coasters are practical vet impressive gifts. When you arrive at your host’s home with a personalized gift you also demonstrate your premeditated thoughtfulness of their hospitality! Are you going to be traveling during the upcoming holidays? Will you be attending any dinner parties or holiday social events? Check out the American Stationery catalog or web site and select a few unique hostess gifts! —Mindy Mac Read more from Mindy Mac
My mother-in-law, Toots, is a funny and fun loving woman with whom I share a very special relationship. I’ve written to her once a week for as long as I’ve been married—21 years! She appreciates the personal mail; but she’s not much of a letter writer. Her idea of writing paper is sticky notes! She uses them for everything! When I discovered that American Stationery sold personalized Self-Stick Memos I knew they’d be a big hit with Toots! If you’ve got a sticky-note-aholic in your life, they’ll love these self-stick memos too. They’re incredibly practical and are of the quality you’ve come to expect from American Stationery products. – Your Fellow American Stationery Customer, Mindy Mac Read more from Mindy Mac
The holidays are coming and it’s time to order my personalized partyware from American Stationery. A few years ago I discovered that napkins are the key to successful casual entertaining. I can get away with using a sturdy "paper" plate or clear "plastic" plate when I have a fancy or funny napkin to go along with them. American Stationery has several choices and options for the perfect napkin for any and every occasion! I can select the ink color, design & typestyle and the personalization for the DYO White Cocktail Napkins. The Colorful Party Napkins are imprinted in gold or silver foil—perfect for any holiday party you’re hosting this year. American Stationery’s Textured Napkins are more like cloth than paper and I use them for even formal social events. The DYO Tumblers come in 5 different sizes, clear or frosted and can be personalized or imprinted just like the napkins. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to host a simply elegant holiday gathering; and your personality and sense of style can shine through during a casual get together. Best of all, you can just throw everything away at the end of the night! The hard part for me will...Read More
Have you ever found yourself digging into your purse to find a pen and some paper to write down your phone number for someone? Or have you experienced the awkward business card exchange when you don’t have one to offer? I think that the Initial Business Cards that American Stationery sells are ideal for everyone—whether you have a job or not. Presenting a professional yet unique card with your contact information on it makes a terrific and lasting impression on the recipient. My kids’ teachers meet dozens of parents during Open House, but they’ll have an easier time connecting me to my child and remembering me when I contact them the next time when they have my card. If you’re out looking for a job, having a business card to leave with the manager or your potential new boss communicates that you’re well prepared and serious about working for them. These Initial Business Cards are so affordable that they’d even be ideal for my daughter to give to a neighbor with young children interested in hiring her for babysitting jobs! There’s a numerous variety of purposes for business cards—and you won’t have to write your name and number on the...Read More
I’m not sure who dislikes writing thank you notes more: my husband or my teenage son. Thankfully, American Stationery has a great selection of manly correspondence cards that come in different sizes. If the men in my life only jot down a few quick lines of gratitude, their personalized notes look sophisticated and thoughtful. The Classic Stripe Gift Set is very masculine and comes in a sturdy gift box which keeps the cards neat and "at hand". The unique shape of The Slender Hand Bordered Single Panel Cards make an immediate impression—they look great! My husband prefers the traditional appearance of the Embossed Border Correspondence Cards. There are so many more options to choose from—check them all out for yourself and the men in your life! -Your Fellow American Stationery Customer, Mindy Mac Read more from Mindy Mac
Have you seen the American Stationery High Fashion Favorites? This is such a tremendous idea! You get to choose your favorite pattern, or swatch, for the envelope lining, envelope seal and/or address label. What a great way to showcase a traditional white correspondence card. There’s a variety of colors and patterns to choose from so it’s easy to find something that will reflect your personality and sense of style. Envelopes don’t have to be boring anymore! -Your Fellow American Stationery Customer, Mindy Mac Read more from Mindy Mac
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