Currently, I am on vacation in Florida. I have never been here before and so far I enjoy it quite a bit. I have to say though my favorite thing thus far about being this far south in the middle of March is the flowers! I am in love with all the flowers, the shrubs and the smells of them! The sun is great, the beach is amazing but, seeing all of this vegetation makes me anxious for my garden when I get back home. Even though it will still be a little early to plant much of anything still. So while I am basking in the sunshine, I will enjoy the flowers and the view and dream of all the pretty things I am going to plant back home in Indiana. The Garden Correspondence Cards are a very fun and inviting choice to send out to all of your loved ones. The flat single panel card allows for a short or longer message. The top is personalized with your name just above a neat row of pretty pink flowers. The green bottom appears as a light grassy area and even shows a small flower with a tiny lady bug!...Read More
Too many people go into a marriage thinking that it’s going to be great fun and not much different than any old long-term relationship. Living together with another person, who is both a lover and friend, has its ups and downs, and it is certainly a whole lot different than regular dating. Experience comes with time and plenty of couples eventually learn to live in relative harmony with each other, but it always helps to get a basic understanding of what you are getting into beforehand. We all come into marriage with a set of mostly unconscious ideas about how great things will be—that no human spouse can meet. “Expectations like ‘Everything will be fabulous, this is my one true love, this person will make me finally happy, I’ll avoid every mistake I’ve made in the past. In your first year or so together, it can all seem like sunshine and rainbows between the two of you. Your relationship is still fresh, you are slowly learning about each other, you have sex all the time and you spend some time away from one another regularly, so every time you see each other, there is plenty to talk about. However, once...Read More
Even though many of us are still digging out of the snow, we know that soon it will be thawing. Before you know it, Easter will be here. The Easter season is a joyous season for many and is also a time when most of us gather with friends and family. It can become a hectic time like many other holiday seasons as we are all busy planning meals and buying new colorful clothes. Of course there are many things here at American Stationery that can help you keep from becoming worn out before the big day. For instance, item number 2450. This item is ideal for the kids table at Easter dinner. The adorable design features a blue sky with some decorated eggs and a baby chick. The placemat can be personalized with a name which means you can place one at each table setting so everyone knows where to sit. They are heavily laminated for easy clean up and the guests can take them home to use or leave them at your house for next year’s dinner. The colors are vibrant with these digitally printed mats and the 17.5″ by 11.5″ size is perfect to hold a full...Read More
An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun, inexpensive, and stress-free party, enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Though Easter might not be the most common day to host a kids’ party, it certainly can be fun. With the spring weather, Easter egg hunts, party crafts and good food are sure to be a hit. Neighbors reconnect after being inside all winter. Adults watch kids experience the thrill of discovery. Kids of all ages can participate. And after the eggs are all gathered, you sit around and eat candy. What could be better? In short, an Easter Egg hunt is a fabulous occasion. It requires only a modest investment in time and money, but gives a tremendous reward in fun. Decide on the time and date. First you need to decide on the day and time on which you want to throw the Easter party. Remember on the Easter day itself people have family dinners and gatherings to attend. Selecting the day before Easter should be good option. The best and most commonly opted option is for late morning or afternoon. If you are planning to host the party on Easter Sunday, opt for an afternoon event. Design an Easter Egg...Read More
It’s time for the next holiday to start taking over local department stores. With Valentine’s Day over and Easter around the corner it must be time for St. Patrick’s Day. Personally I’ve always loved this holiday. Sure I have Irish ancestry like so many Americans do but, there is something about the joy this holiday brings without rigidness. The happiness that comes with this holiday makes it a fun holiday for young and old alike. If you have a lot of correspondences to send this March consider the Irish Fold notes item number 5855. These gorgeous fold notes feature a green Claddagh in the center. With raised ink these notes are ideal ways to send correspondence any time of year with the Claddagh sign a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. For $29.95 you will receive 25 notes with plain white envelopes. As always if you wish we can print your return address on the back flap of the envelope for an additional fee. If the Claddagh symbol is not what you would like there are many other Irish designs to choose from like a leaping leprechaun, a Celtic note, or a shamrock. Once you open the inside of the...Read More