Planning any party is overwhelming, but especially when planning a Halloween party. For your shindig to really be a hit you need the proper organization. There is so much to decide on that it can make your head spin. Before deciding on themes, food, decorations and everything in between, you need to determine if the event will be a family affair or the guest list is strictly open to adults. Depending on your guests, you’ll be able to determine if you want to up the scare factor or downplay the holiday into something more kooky then spooky. TIP: Send out invitations 3-4 weeks in advance to give your guests plenty of time to plan for their costumes and work the celebration into their schedule. TIP: If you don’t want to send actual invitations through snail mail, use Facebook, or any other social media forum, to create an event and invite your friends that way. Once you’ve created a guest list (or an idea of the guest list) you’re ready to start the planning process. But need not fear! Use this as your ultimate go-to guide for themes, food and decoration ideas and everything else you will need to host an...Read More
When is the last time you wrote a letter? Chances are, it hasn’t been recently. In our digital world, it is all too easy to opt for a text or email, or to call to communicate with a loved one, making letter writing a lost art. We think there is no time like the present to rekindle your relationship with letter writing, and right in time for the holiday season! Whether Christmas, an anniversary, or a birthday, it’s likely your spouse would adore receiving a thoughtful, handwritten letter on a beautifully personalized piece of stationery. Both meaningful and inexpensive – it makes the perfect gift! Also, in today’s world, love letter are unique. We rely all too easily on the quickest way to exchange an “I love you” with our significant other. Take the time to craft a personal letter that expresses just how you feel about that special someone in your life. It may be hard at first, but tap into your emotions, retell an experience you two shared, or simply tell them how much they mean to you. Since you might need help finding inspiration to get started, we wanted to bring you snippets from some of history’s...Read More
Thanks to modern technology, we are able to fire off texts and emails to convey any message we may need to send. In today’s society, we have gotten used to modern conveniences as the main methods of communication. Instead of walking to the next office over, we quickly write and send (usually without a second glance) an email to our coworkers. After house warming parties or bridal showers, it is not unlikely that the host might want to send a mass thank you text to all the guests. Plus, in the business world, it is not only the norm, but also expected for someone to send an email after meeting with a potential client or after a networking event to further the relationship or send thanks. To update our friends, we might send a tweet, make a Facebook status, or post an image to our Instagram feed about achievements and milestones that happen in our lives. It is easy to get lost in the sea of instant communication, but some situations call for the simplistic beauty of a handwritten note. Think of how much better you will be perceived, in all of those situations, if you send a handwritten note...Read More
When the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to change, we can’t help but think of all the fun activities that come with the fall season. Football games, bonfires, hot cocoa and warm apple cider, trips to the mountains and – most importantly – Thanksgiving! An American tradition every year on the fourth Thursday in November, families get together around dinner and celebrate with a bountiful meal. While this is usually a fun time for all involved, it can prove to be a stressful experience for the host of the dinner. Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time hosting, we have supplied you with some tips and tricks to pull off Thanksgiving dinner flawlessly! 1. Keep a running guest list. After deciding you want to take on Turkey Day, you need to immediately get an idea of how many guests will be coming over. If this is a formal affair for you, send invitations or create an event on Facebook. Whichever method you choose to invite your family and friends, just make sure you ask that they give you a definite answer. One of the most frustrating things of any dinner party is keeping the running list of...Read More
Motherhood is an exciting journey for any mom, whether it’s her first child or third. Along with the excitement during the nine months of preparation comes the baby shower! This is a party where the mom-to-be and her family and friends celebrate the new bundle of joy. Planning your baby shower can be stressful, and expecting mothers need to try to stay as relaxed as possible during these months. We’re here to help you come up with themes, games, and tips for all your baby shower needs! Themes While some moms-to-be may groan when thinking of a themed baby shower, themes can bring a greater sense of festivity to the shower. There are plenty of themes from traditional to modern to choose from. As long as you don’t go over the top, you can create a tasteful event that doesn’t come across as cheesy. Since it can be hard to start brainstorming, we have included some of our favorite unexpected baby shower themes: • Book themed • Alphabet letters • Flower power • Baby bird • Mod baby shower • Polka-dot • Spa treatment • Tea party • Brunch • Noah’s ark Game Ideas When it comes to baby shower...Read More
With the holiday season fast approaching, some of you may be gearing up to tackle all your holiday related to-dos. You might have to help the kids find the perfect costume, dust off your tried and true recipes, and shop ‘til you drop, checking off gift lists. As fun as the holidays are, the season can be exhausting! We understand in between trick-or-treats, feasts, and Christmas shopping, some things are bound to slip your mind, but don’t end up waking up on January 1st remembering that you never sent out your annual Christmas cards! Part of the best thing about the holiday season is spending time with loved ones. You see family and friends you may not see during the rest of the year. It’s great to catch up with loved ones, but if those loved ones are far away or unable to be visited, sending an annual Christmas card is a loving reminder they are thought about during the season. This means that forgetting to send them out is just something that you shouldn’t slip up on! In order to ensure your greeting cards are all stamped and in the mail well before December 25th, you should tackle them...Read More