The embossing process makes for beautiful stationery designs all on its own. Over the years, however, embossing has been combined with other printing effects to get specialized custom stationery. As such, there are many different styles of custom embossing used in the industry today. Registered Emboss Registered embossing places the embossed image in line with another design element created with ink, foil or another embossed image, such as embossing a sculptured logo inside a printed circle of color. Combination Emboss The combination of foil stamping and embossing can create a unique and lovely effect. Both processes are done at the same time using a dye with sharp edges to cut away the excess foil around the design elements that are to be foiled. The effect is especially striking for company logos. Pastelling The process is also sometimes called tint leaf embossing. Like combination embossing, it uses a combination die to enhance a foil-stamped and embossed image with subtle color. It can employ a pearl finish, gloss finish or other foil finish to give a two-tone antique look to the embossed image. It works best with lighter colored stocks. Scorching When an embossing uses high heat, the resulting image has a...Read More
Embossed envelopes may be among the most impressive types of personalized and custom printed envelopes. Embossing is a technique that creates a raised design on paper or fabric. Most people, even if they don’t know of American Stationery, will be familiar with one very famous and well-known embossed envelope design – the raised rose on the envelope of American Greetings greeting cards. Embossed designs are a popular embellishment on formal wedding stationery and on business envelopes. Because of the process used, embossing is often one of the most expensive types of personalization available, especially for small quantities of stationery. Unlike printing or thermo-engraving, embossing requires that dies be made for the imprint, which means that the up front cost for embossed envelopes, letterhead and cards are higher than printed or engraved stationery. The Embossing Process The raised image that results from embossing is accomplished by placing the paper to be embossed between two parts of a die, and then pressing the pieces together, often using heat to help set the image permanently. If you have ever had a notice or letter of any sort notarized by a notary public, you have probably seen a very simple embossing machine – that’s...Read More
I know everyone reading this loves to write their own personalized letters. At times you just like to write an informal letter to a friend or family member. Other times you just need some stationery for a quick note at work. Should you use just any stationery for a more formal occasion such as a condolence letter, a note to your boss, a thank you note, or any one of the many serious matters that occur in life? I thought you would say no. There are those times that you need a more sophisticated, elegant or formal looking stationery. Usually letter sheets are more formal then your standard correspondence card but using sheets is a waste of stationery if you do not need the full length. Luckily for you embossed correspondence cards are a good way to go. Embossed correspondence cards are roughly the same size as a normal correspondence card with a much more elegant and formal appearance. Finding the right embossed correspondence card is a task in and of itself. Good thing American Stationery has a few good choices in their line of beautiful personalized stationery. EMBOSSED CORRESPONDENCE CARDS Elegant, formal, sophisticated. . . everything you would need...Read More
Nothing is more elegant than embossed correspondence cards. These cards should be a part of everyone’s stationery wardrobe. These card generally measure 6 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ and are usually available in ivory or white heavy weight paper. They can be embossed with your name, monogram or motif at the top. For a masculine appearance a block font is usually selected and for a more feminine look a script font is typically used for your name. Block or script monograms are also usually offered as an option. Most printers have a large variety of motifs available. Depending on the printer they may offer anything from animals, beach themes, special occasions and even holiday designs. There are so many available that making a choice may not be an easy decision. However, the motifs available should cover any taste or style. For the ultimate in elegance make sure you have your return address embossed onto the envelopes. This is an option usually available for an additional charge. But, it is certainly worth the extra money. The beautiful embossing on the envelopes only adds to the elegance of your stationery. Plus, it saves you from spending all the extra time it takes to hand...Read More