I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a conference, reception, or a networking event of some sort, and someone has asked me, “I’d love to stay in touch, do you have a business card?” or “We have a few jobs that we are trying to fill, and I’d love to chat with you about more opportunities.” And to his/her surprise, I’ve made an awkwardly, sour face and replied, “Noooo,” in a sing-songy voice filled with shame. Then, I follow it up with, “But I can take your business card and contact you!” in a desperate attempt to convey the message that I am a responsible adult and very interested in building new relationships and pursuing opportunities. Lesson learned? Always have a generic business card handy. Always. By generic, I mean a personal business card that represents you and your personal brand. A business card that is not affiliated with your current place of employment or another company. A business card with your name, personal email, a phone number, and maybe city and state. A business card that incorporates your sense of style and easily communicates your personal information. There are plenty of websites that promote designing your...Read More
Sometimes we forget the importance that still comes with carrying a business card or as sometimes referred a calling card. With the way technology has practically taken over our lives it’s easy to meet someone, hit it off and just plug their number into your phone. But, what is personal about that? Nothing. You want to keep a memory of that person so that you are likely to contact them. Whether it is a social contact or business. Putting Jack Greene into your phone isn’t really doing anything. You’re unfortunately likely to forget until one day you’re scrolling through your contacts, can’t remember who that was and delete them. Business cards do more than just give out information regarding your occupation and phone number. They often divulge a lot about your personality. Gone are the days when you have little choice as to their appearance. One thing technology has done for the business card, is make it endlessly customizable. Most often a business card will include the following information: The person’s name, company they work for and or personal title, address of business, phone number (work or personal), email address, and or website. The important thing here is to tailor...Read More
A society woman’s calling card “follows her everywhere she goes, remains when she is gone, and is the recognized representative in the payment of social debts when personal attention is impossible.” Gentlemen and children also dropped visiting cards along with these “ladies of fashion,” primarily in the 18th through the early 20th centuries. Calling or visiting cards first employed in 15th century China and later used by the aristocracy of 17th century became popular with England’s nobility and rich in the 1800s. The cards served a number of social purposes, such as a means of introduction, to further acquaintanceship, to express congratulations or condolences and to provide notices of arrival or departure. Card etiquette had strict rules. Generally, the bearer waited in a carriage, enlisting a servant to deliver the calling card. The bearer folded a corner if delivering the card in person. This first call rarely resulted in a face-to-face meeting as the conveyor generally expected to deliver the item to a servant and leave. Stringent rules prevented awkward situations. Socialites desiring a relationship with a particular person or family dropped off a card and returned home. The receiver replied with their own card in a few days, inviting the initiator back for an...Read More
Networking can seem insincere, pretentious, or even manipulative. There will always be people who judge others based on image and titles, but there are also people who want to build genuine, mutually beneficial relationships. When you’re networking, you’re going to have to sift through the people you don’t want to know to get to the people you do want to know. That’s just an essential part of networking, but the good news is that with practice, you’ll get better at spotting the people worth knowing. Everyone knows that networking is valuable. But, how do you create one? You probably already have an informal network, you just don’t know it. They are your friends who tell you where things are on sale, co-workers who recommend schools for your children. Your goal is to expand your network and to make it work for you. Awareness Calling Cards Pink is the color for Breast Cancer awareness. It’s also a great color for style! Frame your contact information in one of these two great pink color combos. Mom’s Calling Cards Sports These cards are ideal for busy moms and are perfect for networking with other parents involved in your children’s activities. They are great for organizing carpools, play dates...Read More
Moms are known for multitasking and this is one more way you can do that! You will never have to search in your purse for a pen and paper again. Personalized calling cards make the life of a busy mom a little easier and a lot more fun! Organizing play dates and carpools, staying in touch with babysitters, teachers, and fellow parents is simpler than ever with custom calling cards for moms. With your cute new Mom’s Cards, you’ll be ready to get connected each and every time you meet a new friend or contact. Choose our pre-designed “Mom’s Calling Cards,” which come in two design choices and offer six customizable fields for your personal information. Our mom’s calling cards come in sports for all the boys and flowers for the girls. Or, for a more selfless approach, you could purchase our Awareness Calling Card. A portion of each purchase goes to help the American Cancer Society in their fight against breast cancer. No matter which card you choose, you will be simplifying the meetings of your life as a mom. Calling cards are a perfect sized addition to any front purse or diaper bag pocket.
Business cards were invented in the 1980s, the decade that the corporate world seemed to bring us everything. Sorry to tell you, but you’d be wrong. Business cards have been in use for many, many centuries. Experts tend to agree that the origins of the business card can be traced back to China 15th century. They were known as ‘visiting cards’ and served as a calling card to announce one’s intention of meeting with another individual. They could also be handed at the door of elite establishments so that the owner of the establishment could decide if permitting a meeting was worthwhile. Visiting cards were an essential self-promotion tool of the upper classes, a personal advertisement and a basis of forging an introduction.   Medieval Dragon Calling Cards are unique with a fierce dragon against a red background, perfect for sharing your contact information with business professionals or networking.   The practice of exchanging cards soared during the 17th century, particularly in Europe. The highly mannered reign of Louis XIV is considered to be the calling card heyday, where an individual’s success or failure in society often depended on the strength of their personal promotion. Suit of Armor Calling Cards against a...Read More
Single-panel correspondence cards are the ultimate in versatile stationery. They can be used for informal notes, thank you cards, invitations and so much more. When you give the gift of personalized correspondence cards, you give the gift of style. Here is just a sampling of the types of everyday and special events that the gift of correspondence cards can make even more memorable: Back to School Gifts Perfectly Preppy Correspondence Cards send your favorite students back to school in style.   Housewarming Gifts Customized address labels make the perfect "welcome to your new home" gift. For an even more timeless present, try this stylish and reusable address stamp.      Any Occasion Gifts. . . Literally Luxurious, plain white correspondence cards paired with your favorite pattern are both simple and chic for your loved ones of all ages and styles.   Anniversary Gifts A simple, versatile set of stationery that works for both him and her is the perfect way to congratulate them on their years together. Consider our indulgent correspondence gift set.   Hostess Gifts Next time you are invited to dinner or to a party, do not show up with the standard bottle of wine. Opt instead for a festive set of...Read More
In the professional world, exchanging business cards is as common as shaking hands. You would never let a new contact or potential client walk away without first trading contact information. In this age of networking and multitasking, why should your personal life be any different? The next time you bump elbows with someone interesting, be prepared to be unforgettable! You won’t have to search for a pen and paper, simply hand them your name and phone number in an amusing and memorable way with your one-of-a-kind calling card. All-in-one correspondence cards bear your name and contact information on the front. Printed on white or ivory cardstock in your choice of ink color, these timeless cards send a crisp, classy message and leave plenty of room for a short, hand-written note of your own. This set comes with matching envelopes, so your new custom calling cards can double as a complete set of stationery. With envelopes able to be printed and/or lined in your choice of black, hunter green, navy or wine…these cards are the perfect one-stop stationery purchase. All-in-one embossed cards are a more understated way to share your name and contact information with your new acquaintances. Both elegant and...Read More
As school begins, it signals introductions to many new faces in your child’s life. From new teachers, coaches, friends, and those friends’ parents, you can be sure that there will be many new faces for both you and your child to get familiar with. In the business world, we meet and greet, and exchange business cards. It can be as simple for us, as parents! American Stationery offers calling cards in a variety of colors and patterns, from the simple to the stately, from contemporary to fantasy, from sophisticated to fun. They are complete with your name and contact information. They make the job of remembering your name and which child belongs to you so much easier for the people you come in contact with. Hand them to a teacher at the parent-teacher conference; offer one to the band director. They will make having your contact information that much more accessible to the parents of your child’s new friend, and they will save you time when you want to leave a phone number where you can be reached with the soccer coach. Everyone likes to save time and everyone appreciates it when you save them time. Calling cards are a great...Read More
Have you ever found yourself digging into your purse to find a pen and some paper to write down your phone number for someone? Or have you experienced the awkward business card exchange when you don’t have one to offer? I think that the Initial Business Cards that American Stationery sells are ideal for everyone—whether you have a job or not. Presenting a professional yet unique card with your contact information on it makes a terrific and lasting impression on the recipient. My kids’ teachers meet dozens of parents during Open House, but they’ll have an easier time connecting me to my child and remembering me when I contact them the next time when they have my card. If you’re out looking for a job, having a business card to leave with the manager or your potential new boss communicates that you’re well prepared and serious about working for them. These Initial Business Cards are so affordable that they’d even be ideal for my daughter to give to a neighbor with young children interested in hiring her for babysitting jobs! There’s a numerous variety of purposes for business cards—and you won’t have to write your name and number on the...Read More