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While many folks still have a bit of summer ahead of them it is never too early to start thinking about back to school time for the kiddos. My oldest starts back in less than a week! While, I’m excited to get back into more of a routine, it’s bittersweet catching lightning bugs and staying up late is still just as much fun for me as it is for him.

Every school year it seems as though they remind us more than once to mark all of our child’s school supplies with their name. So I always keep myself stocked in personalized stickers from American Stationery. This way I do not worry that the writing will rub off on my child or at all. With several different cool designs to choose from, there is certainly one to fit your child’s personality.

Like the item number 8095 (our personal favorite). For $16.95 you will receive 70 seals with an adorable critter and your child’s name printed on them. They come in a perfect one and a half inch round circle with your choice of design from squirrel to frog to pony or more! This product like most stickers or labels takes about three to five business days to produce with shipping time to follow. They look great and more importantly, they work! They can handle the unnecessary roughness a seven year old tolls out and in the event that they do rip or fade (which in my experience has been rare) I have plenty of back- ups for a small price!

If you’ve got a little ballerina or princess on your hands, there is no need to worry we have stickers for her as well. Look up item number 9983, the ballet dreams round stickers will look beautiful on all of her back to school supplies. These white stickers feature a pretty pink tutu just below your child’s name and are printed on two inch diameter stickers. One box contains 40 stickers for $26.95. If she falls in love with these adorable stickers, we also offer matching invitations, fold notes, and address labels which are perfect for your next event!

If you aren’t quite ready for school but, wish to start getting the children back into the swing of things you can have them practice their letters and numbers with the item number 5251.This item comes with 25 sheets and envelopes with your child’s name printed at the top in your choice of pink, blue or red ink. Below their name are several dashed lines to help guide your child into making the perfect size and shaped letters. These come in handy for a variety of things. From thank you letters, to extra practice, to even apology notes! Children (like the rest of us) love seeing their name in print! For $22.95 this is a terrific back to school gift to ease the pain of starting back up so soon! This item should arrive to you within two weeks of ordering.

You can’t forget your teachers when it’s time to go back to school! Check out the adorable teacher pads item number 9037! The set comes with four pads of 50 sheets each and features a whimsical large red apple shape personalized with your teacher’s name at the top. For $24.95 we think it’s worth a little beginning of the year sucking up. She’ll be happy to be thought of and we all know teachers are constantly making lists and sending notes home!

Teachers are not the only ones writing notes as you very well know, several times throughout the school year parents have to send a note in. Whether it is with lunch money, or to ask a friend to ride home with my son on the bus, or anything in between moms write a lot of notes. So it is important to have a cute note pad or set of cards to send in.

Item 3200 is a gorgeous set of 25 cards with a luxurious leather holder. You can personalize these to the T with your choice of white or ivory paper, and an assortment of ink colors, typestyles, and case colors.  The 3″ x 5″ size is ideal for all of those quick notes you will be sending out. For $44.00 you will receive both the holder and cards. When you run out of cards you can easily order refills (item number 3200R.)

As a mom who has previously held office in the P.T.O., I know how hard it can be to keep up with all of the demands of being “that mom”. Luckily American Stationery offers an affordable and cute, calendar to help keep me on track.  Item number 3055_14 is a great choice to help keep everyone on track and up to date with on the current goings on and with 52 sheets in a set they even allow for a peek into the future. From the school open house, to track meets to bake sales and more. With the days of the week printed at the top, there is also an area along the side for field trips, special assignments and more. They truly help keep you on top of everything. For $3.95 you can easily buy one for yourself and your child’s teacher too! Because this item is not personalized you can expect it to ship out quickly, just keep in mind if it is shipping with personalized products, they will ship together.

When you are at those all- important meetings whether it is for the P.T.O., the band boosters, or anything else ordering the designer clip board and memo pad set will set you ahead of everyone else both in style and appearing to having it all together (even if you don’t) . You can choose from a variety of stylish designs (like chevron) in their own featured colors and then personalize them with your name or organization title. With the holder comes a white or ivory note pad personalized with your name. The pad contains 100 sheets and the set is item number 3203 for $47.95. This item will take approximately five business days to create with shipping time to follow.

As summer winds down we hope you are able to enter the school year, relaxed and rejuvenated. And remember we’re here for many of your back to school items!

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