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Everyone loves to see their name on something. The appeal of personalized products is for everyone. Whether young or old, male or female, there is just something about having your name scrolled across your favorite stationery or mug that makes it that much better.

Children think this way also. Maybe even more than us adults do. Think about it, they are just learning how to read and write their name of course they want it on everything. Easier to say “Hey that’s mine not yours!”

At American Stationery, we offer a wide variety of products for all the little ones in your life. From paper products to all those little extras.

Check out the puzzle stools for the young children in your life. These durable stools are personalized with your little ones name and three small designs. Each one is made to order which makes it all the more special and custom to you. Children love putting taking the pieces out and putting them back in. You can also lay them out on the ground and show them what other words can be made from the letters in their name. Durable enough for your child to stand and sit on, this stool is available in four different designs. We have the natural colored sports themed stool for $55.95. Also the white flower themed stool at $55.95 as well. Then there are the two black stools each for $58.95, transportation themed design and a heart themed stool.

If you feel like the stool isn’t the best idea for maybe a very young child, but still like the name design, we offer name puzzles only. Offered in either primary colors or pastels, the name is created on demand which again allows for a perfect fit. Have fun teaching your child how to spell his or her name with this adorable puzzle. Item number is 8173 and the price is about half of the stool at $29.95.

Do you have a picky eater in your life? Take a look at our customized melamine plates. There are four different designs to choose from. From a silly frog, a smiling monkey face, a beautiful flower or a pretty pink castle. There is sure to be a style to fit your choosy dinner partner’s taste. For $25.95 you can have your child’s name printed repeatedly on the plate with your choice of design. The plate is dishwasher safe, but not microwaveable and is sure to be a favorite “dish” at dinner time!

Teaching young men that writing a thank you note is important is not necessarily an easy task. But, if they have their own personal stationery, it will make the task less painful. We offer so many designs, we can’t list them here. But a few of our favorites are:

The Fire Engine Foldnotes. Sold in sets of 20 for $32.00 these notes feature a bright red fire truck on the front with your child’s name printed below. Open it up and you have plenty of writing room Encourage your young writer to send thank you notes when they receive a gift. It is important to learn early on just how thoughtful a quick thank you note can be.

Don’t most little girls dream of becoming a ballerina? Check out our Ballet Dreams Fold Notes. These adorable notes feature a pretty pink tutu and her name on the front. The inside opens up to reveal a large blank area for a message. Whether it is to thank aunt Ellie for the new leotard or just to say hello to Nana and Papaw every little girl will enjoy these notes! Sold in sets of 20 for $32.00 they will quickly pay for themselves with the memories made teaching her how to send a note to a loved one.

These are just a few of the different products we offer for our youngest customers. So the next time you have a child to shop for, consider looking into the many options we have here at American Stationery.

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