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With Valentine’s Day around the corner your days of thinking about gifts are not over. And we don’t just mean for your sweetheart. What about your children and grandchildren?

This holiday is about love and with that in mind isn’t it important to get a little something for all of those that you are holding very close to your heart? At American Stationery not only do we have fantastic gifts for grown up sweeties, but for our pint sized sweeties as well.

It’s likely that they will hand make or purchase valentines from the department store days ahead. It is also likely that a few nights before they will painstakingly write the names of each child from their classroom down on the little card. Maybe seal them with a sticker or even some candy. The anticipation of the Valentine’s Day party at school will have them anxious the night before and when they come home that evening even more excited. While Bobby knows that you just had to give everyone a valentine, he can’t help but think the one with the teddy bear blowing a kiss from Hayley was chosen especially for him. And so the excitement of love begins. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them in your heart forever by buying them a special gift from mom.

Most of our gifts for the little ones feature hearts. Why? Well for all of us hearts are the universal sign for love and for Valentine’s Day. It used to be said that our emotions came from the heart. We now know it’s from the brain. But, those little curly cue heart designs are much cuter to look at than a wiggly brain design don’t you think?

Item 2103 is a great choice for the young tween. These adorable folded notes feature a border along the outside edge containing alternating colored hearts. In the center of this frame features the recipient’s name in a lovely fresh font. Open the note up to reveal a large inside area for her to write to her dearest of friends or maybe that boy she likes. The set contains 20 notes sized 5 1/2″ by 4 1/4″ and 20 plain envelopes for $32.00.

Of course, you can’t just stop there we also feature personalized seals to match! These charming heart stickers are 2″ inches in diameter and feature the same heart design with her name printed in matching font. When you order number 2105 you will receive a set of 40 round stickers for $26.95. They can be placed on anything. To seal the envelopes of 2103, or to seal a note passed in class (we won’t tell) to place on a lunchbox, folders, and more.

For the younger child there is always the super cute Bright Hearts Placemat number 2452. This placemat is digitally printed and then laminated for a surface that can be messed and wiped clean again and again. With a modern design of bouncing multicolored hearts above a contrasting polka dot design her name will totally stand out on a solid pink background in the center. The size is 17.5″ by 11.5 and the price is $14.95!  It’s not the most expected gift, which we think is part of what makes it unique. This is an ideal gift from grandma to keep at her house and pull out for lunch time or anytime the granddaughters come to visit.

Another Valentine’s Day gift idea we have that would appeal to your youngest gift recipients is the black heat stool. This durable stool is $58.95 and hand made to order every time and will feature your daughter’s name as part of the design with three cut out hearts above. Let her remove the pieces of item 9576 and find a way to put them back in. The puzzle length depends of course on the child’s name and is finished in non-toxic paint and lacquers. These stools do take about four weeks to receive and you should call to check on the time frame before ordering. The size is perfect for help reaching the coloring books up high and for sitting at 8 1/2″ H x 14″ L x 9 1/2″ W.

Whatever you chose to do for Valentine’s day this year, we hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones both romantic and non, young and old.

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