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Back to school time is quickly approaching. With some schools set to start in just over two weeks. Soon, many of us will be packing lunches, helping with homework and wondering why we signed up to help with all those clubs. It’s a magical time of year. We notice how much our children have grown, we trim the carefree summer hair, and dress them in new adorable clothes. With that said, it is time for the back to school shopping season to begin. There are many different things needed to purchase this time of year. From clothes and shoes, to back packs and school supplies.

Late summer becomes almost as big of a shopping event as the winter holiday season. For most places, when you enter your local box stores, you can already see the sale signs and displays getting ready to lure you in to buying all those extra boxes of crayons.

Here at American Stationery, we can help you get started with some of your back to school shopping.

For the teacher: With school back in session, it means lots of writing. From grade books to curriculum memos, and notes going home. Keep up with the trends and organized too by ordering one of the Fashion Memos with holder. These 4.1125″ x 6.4375″ sheets come in a variety of whimsical designs. Each set is sold in an acrylic, refillable holder and tied with an adorable corresponding bow. Priced at $37.95 you cannot go wrong with this attractive set.

With your name printed at the top, parents will know this an official note coming home to them by the teacher.

Or use them to drop notes off in a colleague’s mailbox.

Email is great but sometimes we need a tangible reminder. Something to hold in our hand and remind us that the PTO meeting has been changed to 5:30. So often we read an email and move right along to the next not having really absorbed what we just read. Refillable sheets are also available at $24.95 for when you run out.

Teachers will also benefit from the designer clipboards. These fun and fashionable clipboards are available in five different styles. The size is perfect at 5 1/2″ x 8″. These clipboards are a necessity when going to a staff meeting for note taking. Or take them along on a field trip so that you can have your checklist organized and unable to blow away. The price is unbeatable at just $4.95. You’ll be surprised by all the uses you will find for this handy item. You may want to buy one for home, or a few for gifts!

For the college student: American Stationery offers a wide variety of items with many school emblems on them. Look for your school colors today. Some of the items available are flat note cards. Flat note cards are an absolute most for the college student.  The price for most collegiate flat note sets are $32.00 for a set of 20. The size is a perfect 7″x 5″ ideal for a quick thank you. When in college, you will often meet with a professor or potential employer. Whether it be for advice or an interview. Be prepared by sending a thank you card to them promptly after the meeting. This shows that you are in touch with the business world and that you are a responsible person.

Memo pads are also important for the college student. The striped memo pad is sold in a sleek 4″x 8″ pad and is available for $19.95.   Whether for shorthand note taking, or list making memo pads with your school design on the top are functional and also show your school spirit.

For the parent: Teachers aren’t the only ones sending home special notes. So often parents have to send notes in. “Elaine will  not be riding the bus today” is just one of many reasons parents send notes in. Memo pads such as the Contemporary memo set are ideal for parents. The size is ideal for a quick note at 5″ x 8″ and has a simple frame design with your name at the top. Send notes in with confidence that your teacher will know who it came from and be pleased at the courtesy of a hand-written note. Priced at $18.95 you cannot go wrong with these simple memo pads.

Parents can also benefit from ordering a set of flat note cards like the Navy Hand Bordered Correspondence Card our most popular hand bordered card. These cards are sold in sets of 25 and come with plain envelopes. Printing of the envelope and or lining is available for an additional price. Starting price is just $34.95.  Sometimes we need to send a sealed note to the principal, the teacher, bus driver, or another parent. These come in handy and whisper class, without over doing it.

For the young student: How many of us have received a note with our school supply list that tells us to mark every one of our child items with their name? Then we think about how we are going to do it? Is their name gonna rub off? American Stationery offers a couple of options for you. The Kids Critter labels are a wonderful option for this predicament. They are sold in sets of 100 and start at just $13.95. These labels are square and offer two lines of personalization. Easy to stick and available with 2 different sets. Choose from the set including a yellow cat, red lady bug and pink lamb. Or a green frog, purple worm, and blue caterpillar.

Also available are the kids critter round seals with color and critter options available starting at $16.95 for 70 seals. The round seals offer just one line of personalization.

Whatever stage you are in, back to school time is a shopping season for most of us. So before you head to the stores and get caught up in all the primary colored displays don’t forget to shop American Stationery for some of your personalized needs.

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