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Every year kiddos wait in anticipation for the much loved Easter Bunny! While most parents love and cherish the beautiful church services and the joy of watching their children hunt eggs and find their basket what we don’t love is the junk. Sure candy is great in moderation. And little toys are fun until ten minutes later when they break. Of course we would never say to not buy some chocolate bunnies and cutesy jump ropes. We would maybe suggest purchasing something with a little more staying power. Give them something that might be used to teach them? Maybe teach them to write thank you’s? Or just to write to people in general. Aunts and Uncles who live across the country will enjoy hearing hear from their young niece or nephew. Of course you can always send an email but, receiving a hand written note is always enjoyable. Especially enjoyable if that note is hand written by a child. It is equally fun for family members to watch how their spelling and penmanship improves over the years.

For a great gift consider something like the Fun N’ Travel Notes & Labels? Item 7000 comes with 48 notes and 70 seals for just $30.95! These boldly colored fold notes feature three different designs with the child’s name at the bottom along with matching seals. You will receive all three designs in the set. With a plane, a motorcycle and an adorable sailboat any boy will be delighted to write notes with these. When folded the note measures at 5″ x 3 1/2″ and allows plenty of room to write on the inside. With plain envelopes the 1 1/2″ seal really sets it off. 

What about for the tween girl? They are just about to be too old for the egg hunt, but you feel like you still need to get her a little something. Take a look at item number 2378. These appropriately named Easter Egg notes will surely bring a smile to bother her face, and the recipient of her notes as well. These notes feature an adorable hot pink egg with the feet already hatching and her name on a folded note card. Inside this 5.5″ by 4.25″ card is plenty of room for her to write. With 20 notes and 20 plain envelopes for only $32.00 there will be plenty of room for a little candy too!

If you really want to tie the look together, order some of the personalized mailing labels and or matching seals as well. They are sold separately and listed for purchase on the same page as item 2378.

What about a gift to greet them when they sit down for that delicious Easter dinner? We have personalized laminated placemats designed with your little egg-hunter in mind.

These adorable and durable placemats are cute enough to be fought over, but that isn’t necessary since they already have everyone’s name pre-printed on them. It will be fun to watch as the kids look for their own name on the placemats and sit down to eat with the sweet Easter scene to catch any mess they make. The 17.5″ by 11.5″ mat is a little on the large size but ideal for a large mess which is often so quickly created. The mats are easy to clean and only $14.95. A quick search on our website for item number 2450 will pull them right up. With the heavy duty yet slender material, they are easily stored away for use year after year.

Need the perfect gift that works for a boy or a girl? What about practically any age? Take a look at our fun Game Pad set item 8059. This unique and personalized note pad set is sure to please almost anyone. It contains three different game pads (one tic tac toe, one doodle pad, and one hangman pad) of 50 sheets each for $32.95. Each pad is a large 8.5″ by 11″ size on weight paper and can be personalized with the child’s name in your choice of black, red, or blue. These game pads will keep your child busy as the visiting hours go on and patience begins to wear thing. These are also ideal to use in the backseat with siblings either for playing together or on their own.

Whatever your plans are for the upcoming holiday we hope that you enjoy your time with friends and family. 

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