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Keeping in touch is as easier as ever these days. Most of us walk around with a mini computer in our pockets every day. It can text, video chat, and send email. But, think about it, are you really communicating? Are you engaging in conversation? Letting someone know how you feel? Thanking them for a gift they sent or are you simply sharing jokes, and checking in?

This is why, now more than ever it is so very important to send a handwritten note.  Many would say why wait for it to travel through the mail when we can contact someone across the globe within minutes?

Well, formality for one.

Formality is one of the main reasons handwritten items are still very important.

Sure, telling people you are having a last minute BBQ via text message is perfectly acceptable. But, the Labor Day BBQ and pool party that you host every year, certainly needs a mail delivered invitation.

The great aunt who lives half-way across the country always sends you a birthday card with a gift card to your favorite mall store, deserves a handwritten note.

Tell her how much it’s appreciated that she always remembers you, and remembers your love for the perfect jeans. She’ll cherish that note, and the connection she feels toward you when reading it. You aren’t her favorite niece for no reason.

Thanking a potential employer with an email may be acceptable, but sending them a note on your own stationery is sure to leave a much longer impression. This suggests you understand how things are done, and personally see to it that your name stands out.

Sending stationery through the mail is also a terrific way to showcase your individual personality.

There is only so much that a winky face can imply. But your beautifully printed and carefully chosen personalized stationery, it truly can represent you, and your personality. It’s important to choose the right look for the purpose. Sending out a formal note to a potential employer is always important. Making sure that it shows them a bit of personality is important as well.

But, choose to send out your single hand bordered cards in purple, not the folded notes with the brightly colored swirls. There is a line between saying I’m outgoing and bubbly, and saying I’m immature. Save the swirls for thanking your best friend for throwing a fabulous bachelorette party.

If your job requires that you are sending your colleagues a note regularly, having your own set of stationery with your signature style is a must. Even if you aren’t in a career where, pink borders are acceptable, stick with traditional navy but, stray just slightly away from the typical Roman or Gothic font. Straying away slightly with a still very business-like font, will make sure your stationery stands out among the several notes they receive daily.

Last but certainly not least, quality is a reason mail delivered notes are important. With American Stationery, you never have to sacrifice quality for price. We offer so many pieces of beautiful stationery that will suit, your budget and your needs. Whether you need fold notes, flat cards, or letterhead. Each style and price point is printed with high quality ink on the appropriate thickness for each piece. Sending a letter says that you are a quality person who takes time to keep in touch with quality stationery.

In the wireless age, technology is important and necessary there is no doubt about it. But, don’t forget the value of a tool has withstood the test of time, and is important in keeping relationships both, personal and business.

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