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Typically, thank you cards are just that, a folded note card or other stationery item with “Thank You” printed on the front. Although, often you can simply write thank you cards from your existing stationery stash if the names are correctly formatted. For instance, “Travis and Jennifer” could be used for an informal thank you card to a close friend or relative, while “Mr. and Mrs. Travis Smith” or something similar would be appropriate for more formal occasions or acquaintances.

Monograms are another great way to stay informal, yet display your elegant initials. For thank you cards addressed from one person, the first name initial is placed on the left side. Your last name initial is typically larger and placed in the center. The initial that represents your middle name is placed on the right hand side. A married couple’s monogram consists of the husband’s first initial, the last name initial and the bride’s first name initial, respectively. For example, “Travis and Jennifer Smith” would appear as “T”, “S”, “J”.

Photo thank you cards are being sold just about everywhere right now. Adding a photo to your thank you card makes your expression of gratitude even more personal. You can add a picture of little Timmy eating his first birthday cake and send them to thank your friends and family for coming to his party. There are many different designs being sold right now, but most place your photo right on the front of the card.

Having “Thank You” printed on the cards allows them to be generic for all occasions. Ordering your names or monograms printed on your cards allows you to use them as note cards for personal use. Photo cards allow you to add an image that fits the theme of the specific occasion. Regardless of which kind of thank you card you choose, write a hand-written, personalized note on them and everyone is sure to love them.

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