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With summer upon us, many of us have just finished up with the school year. The last lunch money has been sent in, the teacher gifts delivered, and the report cards have been received.

A lot of children will soon be going off to summer camps. Whether it be for just a week or six, summer camp is something most children who are fortunate to partake in look forward to.

Friendships are made some lasting a lifetime, new skills are learned and independence is gained. But, while that growing independence feels great for both child and parent, missing your young one is inevitable.

Before sending them off think about purchasing some stationery for them, to help keep them in touch.

Bugs Galore Notes are vibrantly colored and practically covered in goofy little critters. Your child’s name is printed boldly on the front. These folded notes are sure to delight your young wilderness camper and you as well when you receive them in the mail! These are sold in sets of 20 for $32.00. Don’t forget the matching address stickers. Have your home address pre-printed on them for easy use, especially for the younger camper.

Is your son off to a sports camp? Take a peek at the Sporting Life Fold Notes! These folded notes are sold in a set of 20 for $32.00. These notes are sure to inspire your young camper. The cards are bordered with all kinds of sports equipment and creates a frame around the name.  Plenty of room on the inside to write home and tell you what skills they are currently working on, or have mastered! Optional matching address labels are sold separately.

Growing up in my house, horseback riding was just a way of life. While we didn’t ride English style, I can’t help but find these Equestrian fold notes, simply adorable. Your young rider will too! These notes feature several equestrian themed designs framing a name. These notes come in a box of 20 for $32.00 and has matching optional address labels that are sold separately.

Your favorite tween is sure to enjoy the super funky Safari Notes. Showcased in hot pink with leopard print and stripes, or multicolored zebra and polka dots! These notes come in sets of 24 for $22.95. The first name only is centered in a whimsical font and is sure to stand out. Writing home to mom and dad, and the rest of the family will be a joy with these statement making folded notes!

The Music Lovers Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards are the ideal choice for the teenager who is off at band camp. These flat cards are very elegant and ideal for the older child and young adult. Printed in raised black ink the name is featured in your choice of typestyle at the top while a musical staff design is printed on the bottom. The cards are sold in sets of 25 for $34.95

Young adults will feel very special receiving their very own designer ink pen. Check out all of our different Sheaffer® Pens. With several different colors of pen and ink to choose from it will be simple to find the perfect choice for your budding writer.

Be sure to look through our various personalized sticker designs. Many of which match our stationery sets. These stickers can be used for many things! From sealing the backs of envelopes to marking their belongings as their own. Most are sold in sets of 40 for $26.95.

Take your time to look through all the selections we have to offer. And don’t forget to pack plenty of stamps too! Receiving these notes in the mail is sure to be just as much fun as selecting them if not more!

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