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In this high paced world we live in keeping up with appointments and important dates can seem harder than ever. And it seems that each weekend is met with another festival or birthday party. It’s no wonder that people become stressed out just trying to keep up with their life.

There are so many different electronic devices created to keep us organized. But, personally unless I’m always walking past it, I forget.

Growing up we always had a calendar pinned to a cork board that had important events written on it. Upcoming doctors appointments, baby showers, birthday parties, and school functions. We always knew what was going on because we had to walk past it when walking into the kitchen.

Much easier than your phone buzzing two days before or worse yet, remembering to look into your day planner.

At American Stationery we offer two different types of calendars each in several unique designs.

Currently we feature five different calendar designs that have fill in the blank squares so you can neatly plan out each day of the month. It has six rows of eight blocks. One labeled for each day of the week and one at the beginning for notes. There is also an area at the top where we personalize it with your name or family name.

At the top it states week of and you can fill that in or leave it alone and number each block. Each set is printed in digital ink on 8.5″x 11″ sheets of paper. Every set is equipped with 52 tear away sheets for easy clean up.

There are several designs to choose from including zebra stripes, pink gumballs, and three more. Priced at $29.95 this is an inexpensive way to keep on track.

We also offer the collection calendar. These calendars are sold separately but, have different stationery pieces in the same collection design available for purchase. Such as note cards and address labels. The designs are different for these sets ranging from Fleur de Lys to Pink Kyoto swirls.

The size is also 8.5’x11 and comes in sets of 52 tear away sheets. The price for just the calendar piece of the collection is also $29.95. Printed in quality digital ink, each design and color stands out beautifully.

The set-up is varied slightly from the calendars mentioned before.

On these, there are seven straight lined rows for each day of the week. At the bottom it allows a space for notes, and for you to write in what week it is. At the top of the calendar your name or family name will be printed in corresponding ink and style to that of the calendar.

Whichever you chose, if you chose we hope that it helps you keep up to date with the busy days and relax and enjoy the lazy ones.

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