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You always hear in the fashion and blog world people discussing the “mom on the go” this phrase is used to describe a clothing style and personal image. Moms on the go are chic, put together, and in control. Moms on the go also know how to get things done; while always looking cool calm and collected.

In order to help keep up their “togetherness” these ladies require a few tools to help them stay that way.

Look to American Stationery for your stationery and desk accessory needs. We offer several products to help you gain and keep the elusive Mom on the go status.

Browse through our collections. Each collection has matching (and sold separately) pieces. All sets have a calendar which is a must for marking down all the important dates coming up. From your office meetings, to dental appointments and the PTO fundraiser. Every calendar is printed with 52 removable 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets. Every week you will tear away a sheet and fill in the next leaving you with an extra feeling of accomplishment. This fun and functional item allows you to keep up with all that is going on in your busy, and fabulous world. The price for each calendar is $29.95

Matching calling cards are another perfect choice for the busy mom. These perfectly squared cards are sized at 3″x3″ not only with the non-typical size help you to stand out but also the wide variety of themes. From florals, to circles and simple black and white. These cards offer an easy way for you to keep in touch. Pass them out to other moms at play dates, and the new business connections you met at a party. The size is just right for just enough information. Remember to never go overboard on your calling cards. Who you are, what you do, and how to reach you is all they need. Calling cards are sold as 75 for $28.95.

Many may think book plates have long been forgotten, but not us. We know that identifying the pieces in your personal library is important. We also know that simply scrolling your name on the inside cover is just not proper. The book plates are 3 1/2: x 4″. Each collection also offers book plates. Simple to use and very effective order some for your personal books right away. Now if your favorite novel at the park with the other moms they’ll know who to return it to. Not to be outdone, they will also know who to ask on how to order some for themselves. Purchase a box of 12 for just $26.00

Notes are one of the absolute must haves for everyone. The busy mother will use them more than she realizes. Jotting down a note to your child’s teacher, to your mother-in-law, and even your boss happens so often keeping personalized notes on hand is a necessity. The collection notes come sold in sets of 20 with plain white envelopes. The size is 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ and is printed on the outside in your choice of design while blank on the inside for your note.

To complete the set we offer matching address labels. The address label saves you precious time. It also just really helps tie the whole look together. Each set is sold in a quantity of 48 and are the size of 2 5/8 ” x 1″ The address labels are printed with your name and address justified to the left while a small amount of your signature design is printed to the right. One set is $29.95.

Each collection has its own unique name and style. To help find yours enter these keywords separately. Chocolate Circulo, Spring Blossoms, Graceful Garden, Mia Summer, St. Remy, and Pink Kyoto.

Remember to keep up with your fabulous world you must show the world just how fabulous you are. That starts with staying organized, and looking great while doing it.

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