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Lately folks seem to find almost any excuse to have a party. For some couples a traditional baby shower isn’t enough party. One of the most popular new party ideas for the expecting couple is that of the gender reveal party.

This fun idea is great for the couple who wants to have a great time gearing up for parenthood. This is also a great choice for the family who is adding a second child after a long wait. The older child can take part and feel included in this fun and exciting event.

You may be wondering of who all you should invite to this party. We would recommend just your closest family and friends and to keep it relatively low-key. That is of course if this party is to be separate from any other type of “shower” party that may be thrown for you. However, if the person throwing your shower would like to mend them together, and that works for you by all means go ahead.

We must stress that if this does not coincide with a more traditional “baby shower” type of party that you make it clear when inviting guests that gifts are not requested. But, we’ll talk more about that later.

As this is a fun event, which means formality is not so important. Casual dress is likely encouraged and a mid-day time frame would be a good choice. Many couples choose something like 2:00 p.m. on a Saturday or Sunday. Just be mindful of the time of year, and if applicable weekend work schedules.

Be sure to select a gender neutral invitation. At American Stationery we offer several to choose from. The Marrakesh Invitation is a Morrocan inspired invitation printed in a matte ink in neutral teal and gray shades. This is perfect for the couple who wishes to reveal nothing. Sold in sets of 20 for $36.00 with plain envelopes included. Optional printed envelopes are available for an additional cost of $18.00.

There is also the Crazy for Color Stripes Invitation. This colorful and vibrant flat card is a terrific choice for the couple who plans on having a lot of color and fun at their party! The price is also 20 for $36.00 with plain envelopes included. Optional printed envelopes are available for an additional cost of $18.00.

All text is able to be edited on both items. You can change your typestyles and font sizes. Be sure to list the basics such as the time place, date, etc. If this does not coincide with the actual baby shower a small simple notation of no gifts please is a nice choice. As always allow for a regrets only option with phone number or email.

Be extra mindful of meal times when you select your party time. Many casual parties are thrown in the middle of the day to minimize the amount of food you feel required to serve. Some small appetizers would be a nice choice if you are venturing near a typical meal time. Say a 4:30 party. But, for something almost immediately following like 1:30 mints, nuts and pretzels are likely to be enough.

There are many different ways to reveal the gender. While many couples choose just one way for the big reveal. If you are creative enough, you could find a way to incorporate them all. But, before you reveal the answer, you have to see what everyone’s guess is.

Offer pins when the guests arrive. Blue ones for those rooting for a little baby boy and pink for those wishing for a girl. Place a chalkboard on a stand where you walk in with a stick figure girl on one side and a boy on the other. As your guests arrive have them place a tick mark on the side they believe is correct.

Once it’s time for the big reveal we have a few ideas for you:

Box of balloons- This is probably the single most popular and likely the easiest too. Decorate a large box and write on it something like “Boy or girl?” then inside place pink or blue helium balloons. When ready open the box and the colored balloons will float away. This is a wonderful option if you already have a child. They will be thrilled to open that box and take part.

Cake or cupcakes-Have a baker create a very neutral outside with again a cute phrase such as “beau or bow”. Then on the inside either the cake or the filling should reveal your pink or blue color! If you are good at decorating cakes try your hand at this yourself, but we do recommend a trail run prior to the big day!

Scratch offs-There are tutorials all over the internet on how to make your own scratch off tickets. They take very little material or time and are also a wonderful option if you have young guests. Again have them printed with an adorable image and phrase with a small place to scratch. Hidden under the scratchy surface is the word boy or girl!

Pinata- This is also a good choice for the party with plenty of kids. Fill a pinata with (wrapped of course) pink or blue mints. You could also look for gum balls or if you have the time make small packages of plain colored chocolate covered candies or jordan almonds to place inside.

Whatever you decide to do we hope you have a happy and healthy time!

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