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While the derby may be over, the love of horses for some remain. There is something just magical about the beauty and strength of these animals. Whether you own many and ride regularly, or just happen to enjoy their beauty American Stationery is the place to order all of your personalized equine stationery and party accessory items. 

For the equine lover with a lot to say item number 2393 is an excellent choice. This flat correspondence card has a brown border and the rest of the card is orange. At the bottom is a simple row of a rider upon their horse. This card will delight both the writer and the receiver. The heavy duty weight gives off a look of sleek sophistication. In a set you will receive 20 cards and envelopes for $36.00. If you would like for an additional cost you can purchase envelope lining and or the return address to be printed on the envelope.

For the riding enthusiast we offer item number 9975, The Equestrian Fold Note. These notes come folded with an adorable array of all things equestrian on the front. The inside of the note is blank for your message. You will receive 20 notes with 20 white plain envelopes for this set and the cost is just $32.00.

If you don’t wish to personalize the envelopes, or are in the market for some new address labels, we have matching address labels which are item number 9976. These labels come in the standard 2.625″ by 1″ and are sold in a set of 60 for $12.95.  Whether you choose to use these along with the folded notes or own their own these address labels are a horse lover’s dream!

How often do you need an envelope seal? Okay, maybe not that often but, wouldn’t a personalized seal add just a little something to your next note or letter? Or maybe even a birthday party? Take a look at item number 9977. These round stickers feature a brown saddle and your name centered above. 

Need some tumblers for next year’s derby party? How about napkins for the local riding clubs banquet? At American Stationery we offer a wide variety of what we call “DYO” items. DYO stands for design your own. And with all of the designs we offer you truly can. Design number E3 is of a horse in motion. 

We even have equine party invitations. The item number is 2325 and you will receive 20 invitations with your wording printed on them along with envelopes. The price is $36.00 and you can choose to personalize the envelopes or order the matching address labels and envelope seals for a complete look.

With several different ink colors to choose from and typestyles to print your wording in, it will be easy to create the perfect look for your next big event! 

We even have design your own luggage tags! Check out item number 2821. The DYO Large luggage tag is easy to personalize. They are sold in your choice of several different bright colors and then you choose your design and type in your name and address. They will be easy to spot and brag about at the baggage carousel. For $39.95 you will receive a set of four sturdy aluminum tags with tough leather straps. 

Just take a look on the website and you will see that there are many choices for the horse lover in your life.

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