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As I am writing this, we have just 49 days until the first day of spring! I am so excited for spring. Currently, they are forecasting that my area of Indiana will have about a foot of snow by this time tomorrow. I know that we aren’t under anywhere near the among of snow our east coast friends are, still some of us (including myself) are ready to say good riddance to this sticky white stuff and hello to sunshine. My family and I are actually heading out on a nine day vacation the first day of spring. I have been counting down the days until I am sitting in the sand and not shoveling my driveway.

With that said it’s important to think about things American Stationery offers that will be good to take with you on vacation, or just remind you of being on vacation somewhere warm.

With two kids, I cannot go anywhere without at least one extra bag besides my purse. There are just so many different things that you may need to take with you. Because I am a sucker for stripes, item number 3256 would definitely be something I would like to take with me to the beach. This roomy 16″ by 14″ by 5.5″ canvas bag can fit a book for me, a few things for the kids and all the extra sunscreen my family will need. The navy has to be my favorite because it really lends its hand to a nautical theme. This 100% canvas tote allows for a single initial block initial or block name.  This bag also boasts an inner pocket and a clip for your keys. For $39.95 you have the choice of pink, orange or blue stripes and several more color choices for your personalization. Not only is the single initial a trend that is always classy, it will help you spot your place in the sand when walking along the beach.

I’m thinking of taking item 9193 along with me. These beautiful blue fold notes feature adorable sand dollars all over the front half of the note. In the center is a space for your monogram.  Printed in a thin block font it pairs perfectly with the border and design on the note. The inside of the note is  blank white and has an area large enough for you to boast about the  clear crystal blue of the water you are currently looking out on. The price for 25 notes is $32.00 and this includes plain white envelopes. As always for an additional fee you may add a liner or a return address to the envelope.  These notes are printed digitally which allows for a seamless look from note to note. They are also wonderful as a gift to give to your favorite beach bunny pal.

Do you ever look at something and you can almost smell it? Well the hibiscus slender notes item number 5946 do that to me. When looking at them I can almost smell the fragrant flowers. These slender fold notes will feature your name in the bottom right corner and are adorned with vibrant hibiscus flowers. The colors will draw you in and get you ready for warm summer days or for that vacation that you are about to take. For $28.95 you will receive 24 notes with plain white envelopes.  If you choose to have the return address printed for the additional fee on the back flap it will be done in a black ink with a block type style.

Item number 3255 is our smaller canvas tote bag and features a trendy dipped design. These bags have a multitude of color options for the bottom dipped portion and allow a single initial to be stitched in a different color. The bag is 10″ by 14″ by 5.5 and is made of 100% natural canvas. It comes with both two straps to carry as a tote or one long strap to carry across your body. These bags are fun and perfect for carrying a few extra necessities in them whether you take it to the beach, the park, or just keep it in your vehicle.

While, we may be brave with two kiddos under the age of eight driving to Florida, those of you who are flying this spring break may enjoy our item 2373. The pair of palms luggage tags are ideal for your bags when traveling to somewhere warm. They allow up to five lines of print on one side the other side features just a white woven design against a blue background.  The tags come fully laminated which means they will last a long time to come. One set includes four 3 1/2″ by 2″ tags with a clear strap to attach to your luggage for $27.95.

As a rule, we try not to be to over the top about electronics in our house. I mean we love movies and silly games but, we try to limit a lot of our screen time. So even though I will be packing plenty of electronic devices, these game pads number 3316 are a great idea to take along on a trip as well.  There are three different pads of 100 sheets each for $26.95. One with hangman, one with the dots game (a personal favorite of mine!), and of course there has to be a tic- tac-toe pad. These will be sure to help break up the monotony and if anything give your devices time to charge. They can be personalized with your child’s name and are printed in bright colors on a white background.

Item 2381 is a great set of correspondence cards to take with you on your trip. Because you might be so inclined to send a note back home of  these flip flop cards to your friends and family back home who are likely wearing snow boots still. Yes, you will be back soon enough but, it’s always fun to rub it in a little. These classic white single panel cards feature a blue border and alternating blue and green flip flops along the bottom of the card. They are whimsical and able to be personalized. Perfect for your friend’s beach house or your own travels. For $36.00 you will receive 20 cards and 20 plain white envelopes with the option to personalize for an additional fee.

Whatever your travel plans are, or if you are staying home and dreaming of warm sandy beaches, we invite you to browse our website and find a new item you have not purchased before that just makes you feel all warm inside. Even if it is snowy and cold outside.

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