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It’s time to put those sweaters away and pull out the sandals. The winter blues are long behind us and the sun is shining! With the change of weather many of us are staring longingly at our calendars. Counting down the days until you can finally get away to a vacation. As soon as the warm weather settles in it seems that all you can think about is sitting on the beach, relaxing, socializing with friends, and family and forgetting all of the daily grind and consistent office woes.

Our item number 9465 should get you in the mood for summer right away. With the gorgeous ocean blue border featuring sand colored seashell designs this note says “I am ready for vacation!” In the center we will print your name in a matching sandy brown. The note is folded so that you have plenty of room to write on the inside. These notecards (like most of our items) will be printed in about three to five business days and ship shortly afterwards. You will receive a box of 20 notes and plain envelopes for $32.00. For just a few dollars more we will be happy to print your address on the back. Why not have us print your beach home’s address on the back? That way you can keep these in your desk at your beach home and not have to worry about keeping up with family and friends while away.

Teaching your teenage and tween age daughters to keep in touch with family and remember to write when on break can be a job on its own. So make it easier by, purchasing a set of adorable note cards for them! The beach chair border fold notes are super cute and will make sending a quick note to grandma way less painful! 20 notes and envelopes are included in the box and the price is just $13.95! So no matter how many pen pals they have, you can afford to keep their desk well stocked! There is plenty of blank room on the inside for whatever news they feel needs reported. So take a look at item number 3085_18!  With the bright and colorful design it’s easy to keep them interested in writing.

Maybe this year you will be waiting quite some time if at all, before you make it to your summer get away. In that case, bring the beach fun to you with our item number 9500! These classic hand bordered correspondence cards come with a gorgeous aqua blue thin border along the entire card! At the top we will print your choice of name or monogram either in the matching aqua or any other color you desire. Perfect for the office these heavyweight flat cards are ideal for correspondence between colleagues and competition! If you’d like to keep them for home instead of the office consider adding the seashell liner for an additional $32.00. One set of 25 without lining or a printed address will cost $35.95! With that price, it is so worth it to bring the beach to the office! 

Are you throwing a big blow out pool party this summer? Take a look at our Five Sandal Invitations. These party invitations show five very whimsical and very adorable pairs of footed flip flops on the bottom. The flat single card invitation is heavy duty and colorful! For $36.00 you will receive 20 of item 2330 complete with plain white envelopes! Be sure to include all information your sun-loving guests will need on these cards such as; date, time, location, and how to contact you!

We hope this summer you find a way to enjoy and relax while keeping up with your family and friends!

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