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Though our fondness remains, we no longer depend on stationery as we used to. Once upon a time, paper and ink was the peak of communication. Things existed, systems worked, money was made because pen was put to paper. Banks had ledgers and filled them in with different colored inks.

From the late 17th century, letters were the lifeblood of business and of social life. In the Victorian era, etiquette books contained advice and templates for every possible form of correspondence between friends, lovers, and professional associates.

The right pen and the right paper brought into conjunction, runs the unspoken thought from brilliant and original ideas. Whether you write a quick note or a full-blown letter to a loved one or friend, any paper product will do. If you take the time to consider what you are writing on, you’ll see that you are creating an experience for the recipient. The act of writing a letter is a way to connect with the recipient and to allow the recipient to connect with you. When you opt for stationery that has been customized, you are opting for a deeper experience.

Stationery selection is really an art form. When you are writing a letter to someone, whether it be a thank you note or a letter for business, one should select the stationery based upon the recipient and the purpose of your writing. The stationery should also be a reflection of who you are as well.

Choose your stationery in relation to the importance of your note. If you are sending an important letter; choose classic, important stationery. The way paper feels, including its texture and thickness, can be a strong selling point. Whether you’re purchasing elegant, personalized types of paper or a simple box of note cards, thick and sturdy varieties are often preferred as they generally offer a higher level of quality and durability.

We live in a digital age, yet sales of good old fashioned paper are way up. In a commerce driven world where technology dominates everything, we have truly lost the sense of writing and letting our emotions ponder. Staring at a blank screen for hours is hindering growth of the imagination. Modern correspondence has changed the way that society communicates.  It has done wonders by allowing easy communication with family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers by bringing the world closer together. Since you can send out a message at instant speed to almost anywhere in the world, you don’t need to stop and think about your words before you send them out. For all the ease and convenience, there is a downside as well.  Instead of calling, we text; instead of writing a letter, we send an e-mail; instead of reaching out to someone special, we post something on their wall.  We all are guilty of it because it is easy and saves time.  The practice is so widespread that receiving e-mails and texts have become the new expectation.  That is why it is so special when you take the time to write a handwritten letter on personalized stationery or to send a heartfelt thank you card for a thoughtful gift.  It really shows someone that you value your relationship with them because they can recognize the time, effort and care that went into your correspondence.  Make them feel appreciated with a personal touch this year.

So thanks to technology making communication easier than ever, people take it for granted and don’t value it as high as they used to. That’s the beautiful thing about writing a letter – it makes you take your time, choose the right words and say what you really want to say in the best way you can. I know if I get a letter written on a beautiful piece of custom stationery, it makes the whole letter feel nicer and more personal than if it is just sent as a text or email. So when you do find time to do it and you want to make the occasion special, write that letter on some nice personalized stationery. Getting a letter hand-written on embossed or monogrammed stationery is always a good feeling, as it shows that the writer took extra care to make the recipient feel special.

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