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We’ve all had to write a letter at some point in our lives, whether it was a thank you note or a “thinking-of-you” letter.  For some of us, the ability to sit down and write a heartfelt letter just isn’t easy.  Sometimes, the words just won’t come out right, and we struggle to find the perfect way to say what we mean.  If this sounds familiar, don’t worry.  These tools won’t magically produce the words of Pablo Neruda, but they may be able to help you write a better letter.


A Fountain Pen

Fountain pens have been known to increase penmanship, and they are the preferred writing tool when it comes to writing for long periods of time.  This is because writing with a fountain pen requires less pressure to produce enough ink, which helps reduce hand cramping.  The novelty of using a fountain pen is also something that makes them attractive to writers.


Letter Writing Prompts

We have all stared at the paper in front of us and drawn a blank on what we should write.  Getting started is often the most difficult part, and, once we get over that hump, everything starts flowing.  To motivate you to write that letter, these letter writing prompts will allow you to get into the writing spirit once again.


Standing Desk

Perhaps you think best when you are moving or fidgeting.  If this is the case, a standing desk could help you write your letters.  Standing desks have only recently become popular for both work and home offices.  A lot of writers sit too much, anyways, so this desk could provide some health benefits as well.


Envelope Stencil

For those who have trouble writing in a straight line, an envelope stencil is a must-have.   Envelope stencils make your letter spacing effortlessly perfect.  The best part is that you don’t even have to buy one if you don’t want to.  There are plenty of tutorials out there to create your own envelope stencil, such as this one by Lindsey Bugbee.  It only takes ten minutes to make and will save you so much time when it comes to carefully crafting those letters on your envelopes.


Elegant Stationery

What is going to make you more excited to write:  elegant stationery or a piece of notebook paper?  Most people would say stationery.  A sophisticated stationery set such as this one from American Stationery will give your letter a personal touch and may encourage you to put that pen to paper.


Noise-Canceling Headphones

Any writer understands the frustration of trying to write while there are distracting noises in the background.  A nice set of noise-canceling headphones will block out all the noise, and give you the peace and quiet you need to craft that handwritten letter.  If you are someone who gets distracted by music with words, there are tons of playlists on Spotify that are designed for focus and concentration.


Brush Lettering Pen

If you are more on the creative side when it comes to the design of your letter, a set of brush lettering pens can make your letters look amazing with ease.  Learning how to make letters with brush pens may take a lot of practice, but the results can be fantastic.  You can learn the fundamentals of brush lettering with water colors here to take your letters from mediocre to stunning.


Evernote App

Sometimes, sitting down and forcing ourselves to write is not the way to go.  This is where the Evernote app for your phone can be extremely helpful.  Have you ever been on a walk when inspiration suddenly strikes?  Now, you can write it in Evernote so that you will remember by the time you get home.


Write or Die

There are also writers who need to force themselves to write in order to pen their letter.  In this case, the Write or Die app will keep them on task.  Write or Die gets rid of writer’s block by rewarding the writer for productivity and punishing them for procrastination.  For instance, if the user stops writing, the app will make an incredibly annoying noise.  If a user reaches their goal, they can set the sound to play a victory tune.


Tools for Writing Success

Writing isn’t always easy, but writing a letter is something we all need to do once in a while.  These tools can not only help make writing a letter easier, but it could also improve the quality of your letters.

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