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It’s the time of the year when we are all making lists. Some of us are checking them more than just twice. Each year we throw a dinner party around the holidays. That takes at least three to five lists; from the shopping list to the guest list and more. Also, I have two sons so I have to go over their wish list. There is the honey do list to make for my husband. And my youngest son’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year so I won’t even go into how many notes and lists I’ve had to make for that one.

But, for most of us the lists that we make stay with us. No one else wants to see what all we have going on and often enough they couldn’t read our chicken scratch anyhow. But, there are some people out there who want to see lists, grandparents! Have your kiddos sit down and write out a list of what they would like for this holiday season. Maybe include a short paragraph as well to grandma and grandpa about how they can’t wait to see them. Or how they want to come over soon and make holiday cookies.

You will be able to sneak in some hand writing practice, teach them how to at least partially compose a letter and your parents will have a keepsake. Maybe even write them back and start a new tradition this holiday season.

Think of how fun it is to receive a letter in the mail now, think of how fun it would be to receive a letter from grandma when you are nine years old?!

The buggy backyard fold notes item number 2100 come in a set of 20 folded note cards with plain envelopes for just $32.00. They feature a variety of colorful and cute bugs on the front and have a large blank space on the inside for your little one’s handwritten message. The 5 1/2″ by 4 1/4″ size is just the right amount of room for your young writer. Think of how easy it will be to get them to sit still and write out a note to grandpa when they have these adorable personalized notes. This set has matching accessories such as return address labels item number 2101 sold separately. The address labels are sold in a set of 60 for $12.95 and match in both color and design. We even have matching envelope seals that are personalized and feature a large ladybug on them. The seals are item number 2102 come in a perfect 2″ circle and are sold as a set of 40 for $26.95. Be sure to keep all of the items together as the seals and labels are basically stickers and we all know how much little ones love stickers!

For an older child something like item number 2134 might be a good choice for them. They will still have plenty of room to express their thoughts but, may be inspired to write notes to more than just grandpa. These trendy and colorful pattern bordered note cards are great for girls of almost any age. There are four lively patterns and in this set of 24 you will receive 6 of each. At the top is a space available for your daughter’s name and a large blank space for their message. The cards are digitally printed and do not fold. You will receive plain white envelopes with them for just $29.95.

Last but, not least item 100 would be a perfect item for about anyone including yourself. 1100 is a set of 100 lined and personalized sheets with 50 personalized envelopes for $20.95. The lines make it easier for list making, for young children, and for the elderly. The 6″ by 7 1/2″ size is ideal for those of who are prone to writing long rambling letters. The sheets and envelopes are sold in white only. You may choose between blue and black ink and block or script type styles. This item helps your young one stay between the lines and your older one narrow down their list!

Most of our stationery products take just three to five business days to produce with shipping time to follow. If you are in a time crunch, it is best to contact the customer service department to see how quickly things are running. With the holiday season approaching we make every effort operate as fast as we can while maintaining our meticulous detail to providing the best possible products for our customers. Because most of our items are personalized this can, at times, take longer during busy seasons.

Of course here at American Stationery we have hundreds more options to choose from. There is certainly one (or more) style to fit every age and personality that you will need to buy for. So before you decide just from my suggestions, take a moment to look on our website we have virtually every design you can imagine to fit into your budget. Encouraging your children to write is easier than you may think when the subject is toys and cookies and the note paper has bugs on it!

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