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Once a new trend makes its way into the either fashion or home decor world, it’s not long before it appears here. And there is a trend that has been so popular for a couple of years now that it is everywhere! From my fridge, to flower pots at the hardware store, and on every d.i.y. pin that you see. What is it? The chalkboard look of course!

At American Stationery, we are no stranger to the booming chalkboard trend. While, we don’t sell paint we certainly have a wide selection of items to help you get your chalkboard “fix”! Even better, the personalization you do to them does not require you to get your hands dirty!

Like our new Nostalgic Notes number 3138. This box of 24 notes for $29.95 has a background that looks similar to a smudgy chalkboard from days long past and showcases a bright floral bouquet. These cards are printed flat and feature matte ink. Your name is featured in white ink just above the floral design. Opening from bottom to top, there is plenty of room to write on the white inside of this 5″ by 3 1/2″ folded note. Plain white envelopes are included. Whether you need to brag about your new garden, or thank someone for a dinner invitation these notes let your friends know you are “in the know”.

If an assortment is really more your thing then you should take a look at item number 3096. Appropriately named the Chalkboard Floral Note Collection these adorable folded notes come in an assortment of four differently colored watercolor designs. Each card showcases your name below the design. The design is is printed all along the top of the note.  These notes are also digitally printed and come in the same 5″ by 3 1/2″ size as the notes above. With their hip look they will make a perfect addition to your correspondence selection. 24 of these notes is just $22.95 and they also include plain white envelopes.

Of course we cannot talk about blackboard stationery and not suggest an item for a teacher. The Alphabet Fold Note is the ideal item for your child’s teacher. This adorable fold note features the teacher’s name in the center of a chalkboard background. But, the embellishments don’t stop there as this item does not lack in any detail, since you can also add the school’s name below. The cursive alphabet framing the note and a a lovely red apple in the bottom left corner. This card is sure to get a gold star with even the pickiest teacher! Inside is blank for the lengthy note. The 5″ x 3 1/2″ size is ideal for sending a note home with students. Each set features 24 notes with plain envelopes for $19.95.

If you aren’t adventurous with your stationery but, love the chalkboard look there is no need to worry. We have you covered. Just head on over to our great gifts category on the website. In there you will find our new steel flasks. Yes, you read that correctly. We offer personalized flasks for sale.  With several design options to choose from, one of the many designs is the chalkboard design! The item number for the flask is 2872 with the chalkboard design as number 11. This stylish flask holds seven ounces of your choice of liquid.  Made of stainless steel the background appears as an old dusty chalkboard and your name is featured in a perfectly printed chalk style font. This durable flask would make a terrific gift choice for the retired teacher in your life. For just $17.95, it will be hard to not come up with a reason to buy more than one.

If you are more of a coffee drinker then item 2871, the ceramic mug may be a more appropriate gift. Either to give or to keep for yourself, this durable mug will hold 15 ounces of your favorite steamy beverage. Made at a separate facility it will take approximately three weeks to arrive. The white mug will have the chalkboard design displayed on the front of the mug. Centered in the chalkboard will be the name again in perfect print. For $15.95 this adorable gift is hard to pass up!

Have a self- proclaimed genius in the kitchen? We currently sell a few different styles of cutting boards in our great gift collection. Designed with the chalkboard theme in mind this glass cutting board looks like the real thing. The smaller cutting board number 2868 measures out to  8.1″ by 11.4″ for $32.95 and the larger one is number 2869 size 11.5″ by 15.6″ for $36.95. Whether it is for you or a friend this cutting board will draw attention with its trendy very trendy look.

2870 the hardback coaster set is an item you may be able to pass off as something you made, although we wouldn’t push it. This chic coaster set is tough enough to hang out at your bar and adorable enough to work in the dining room with its touch of whimsy. The super sturdy 4″x4″ coasters look just like mini chalkboards! With your family name scrolled in the center these will be the talk of cocktail hour! At $22.95 for a set of four they also make the perfect housewarming gift!

We’ve only described a few items above. We have even more items to choose from that feature this ultra-modern blackboard look. So take a look around in our great gift collection tab on the website. There are plenty of items containing this style that you can mix and match from both your home and office.

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