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Not unlike a new mother, new fathers also deserve a special gift when their new baby is born. Sure, they do not go through the physical exhaustions and pains the mother goes through but, they certainly experience many changes in their life. It’s important to show them that they are not forgotten and that they also deserve a little something extra.

These days it is very common for a new father to stay home with their wife for a few days after their child is born. With some companies even offering a paternity leave just for dad. In those first few days it feels wonderful helping with midnight feedings and really getting to bond with your child. But all too soon it’s time for dad to go back to work. When that time comes it can be difficult for dad. Of course he wants to get back into the swing of things as life has been a little hectic lately. But, we all know if they could choose they’d want to be at home too. Spending time with mom and baby

A gift that can help them keep a little piece of home with him at work will be easy with a gift from American Stationery.

A wonderful gift for the new father in your life would be item 2875H. This 10.2″ by 8.2″ photo frame is available in several different designs. There is certainly a perfect design choice for the man you have in mind, from stripes to damask and more! For $34.95 he will be able to frame his absolute favorite photo of his new bundle of joy. You may choose to feature a name or monogram at the top. Styles are available in either vertical or horizontal and the frame will hold a 4″ by 6″ photo. This item is manufactured at a separate location and will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive.

For the dad who makes lists for himself all day, our new photo memo pads may be just the thing. These memo pads feature a photo in the center highlighted with your choice of design. It will be easier to spend his day at work when each note he makes to himself showcases his adorable baby. And maybe a  note or two to a colleague just to show off. With as many designs to choose from as the photo frame the options are wide open. Each design has a different item number. 2179 is the blue and green chevron pattern and is perfect for the father of a new baby boy. The pad is 4″ by 6″ and contains 2 pads of 50 sheets each for 100 sheets in total. These digitally printed pads are just $40.00

Now that the baby is here he has more reasons than ever to write both friends and family. Whether it is to fill them in on details of the birth or simply to brag, make it easier for him by purchasing him a set of new correspondence cards. A new item is the very handsome number 2789, the Brown Bordered Card Assortment. This set contains 32 cards for $30.95 and features cards with three different shades of brown as a border. Having these cards at the ready will make it easier than ever to keep in touch. With a brown key pattern lined envelope he will show that while he is a responsible father now, he is also still very much in touch with the new styles available.

Just remember that while mom may need the most pampering, dad is greatly affected too. Show him you care for him and all that he does buy purchasing him a little something as a congratulatory gift!

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