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While, it is not necessarily what I would call a new year resolution, I have decided that I will start remembering things more. Or, rather start writing myself notes more. So what better way to do that than to use sticky notes? I don’t know if it is a sign of getting older, or simply just human nature? Maybe, I’ve gotten myself to busy? On some days I think we are all a little too busy aren’t we?

Even my son’s teacher encourages all the kiddos in her classroom to use notes to help them. And yes, I have been known to stick a note to a backpack with a reminder to turn homework in.

With all the uses for sticky notes there is simply no sense in having any of the old boring non-personalized ones.  American Stationery has several different styles of sticky notes. There is certainly one to fit every person’s individual style. And you can personalize them which make them ideal for a family full of forgetful folks.

For those of us out there who are hoping that thinking spring will bring the warm weather a little bit sooner, there is the Style 2 option from our Personalized Self Stick Memo Cube collection. (Item number 2807) This style features a vibrant array of floral blooms in warm colors sure to warm you up.   The bottom of the memo features a hot pink bar with your name in script. This bar wraps all the way around the memo cube. The sheets are a beautiful stark white so that you can use any type of ink pen to jot down your reminders.

The perfect choice for the busy mom who works away from home is the item number 2883. This photo memo cube showcases two of your favorite photos on alternating sides of the cube. In beautiful color you can sneak peeks at your babies all day long and they can help you stay organized too! We bet that is the first time the kids have helped you stay organized! With your name written at the bottom everyone in the office will know those are your kiddos. And won’t you be proud when they stop to take a look and tell you how adorable they are. 

Are you recently married? Or just love your last name? Designs from home decor’ to stationery and beyond with your last name initial have been popular for some time now. Naturally, being on the trending side we have a memo cube that features a single initial design. Item number 2807_14 is the perfect way to display your favorite initial. Shown with a soft pink background, your initial will be printed as the main design in a script subtle font in white ink. If pink isn’t your thing, feel free to change it up. On our website, with a little time and an adventurous spirit you can easily mix and match your color choices to fit your personality. With the name printed in the bottom corner everyone will know just how proud you are of your name. These memos will be easy to stick on your bathroom mirror inside the fridge, anywhere you need!

Another trend that has made its’ way from the fashion world into the stationery realm is the chevron design. With row after row of alternating colors this bright rainbow design is sure to look hip and modern on your desk whether at home or in a cubicle. On each side is your monogram in a unique circular signet design. One side is blue on white, the next white on blue alternating around the cube. This item number is 2807_6. These aren’t all the designs either. With many more to choose from, like block patterns and floral bouquets you simply have to check out the website to see them all. Don’t forget that you can mix and match some of the colors and designs as well. 

In the Personalized Self Stick Memo Cube Collection, each cube contains 675 sheets! That’s 675 reminders for yourself, or your loved ones.  Each cube measures to a perfect 3 3/8″ the handiest size yet! No matter your design choice, the price is only $19.95.

So remember to sit down and take a look at all the memo cubes we have to offer. Just a quick search of the word “cube” on our website will return all choices.

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