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When it is time to bring a new baby into the home, there are many things to think about. Mom is busy nesting. Dad is busy studying the insurance plan. What about big brother? Well depending on his age, he is likely teetering between being both anxious and excited. What will it mean to have another kid in the house? How come this baby is already getting presents when they aren’t even here yet? Many things will run through your young child’s mind. If they are older they may understand more yet they will likely still have some concerns and or jealousy. And rightly so, adding a new family member is a very big deal. That is especially when it comes to your little ones. They don’t understand that they do not have a say in this decision. While, there is only good that can come from expanding your family, it can be a bit nerve wracking for everyone. That includes the kiddos.

Chances are mom and dad are also thinking a lot about how to split their time up and make sure this new change goes as seamlessly as possible. With that said, consider purchasing a gift for the soon to be older sibling. Something that is simple but also unique. Something that says “You’re still very loved”! Something that tells them this is going to really happen and that they should be looking forward to it.

Is your child worried they will lose all of mommy and daddy’s time? Order 9705H for them. This 60 piece wooden puzzle measures to be 7” x 10” when completed and can be made from any favorite photo. What fun it will be to put this together in the waiting room with grandma! Whether you wish to have a horizontal puzzle 9705H or vertical 9705V we’ve got them for $26.95! Please keep in mind that these puzzles are produced at a separate facility and take about two to three weeks to produce before shipping.

Is the child worrying that someone is about to impose on his territory? Then consider purchasing something that clearly states “This is mine” the item number 8079 is a wonderful choice. This is just one of the several different melamine plates that we offer. Each one features a different unique design in the center with your child’s name on it. For instance 8079 has an adorable frog in the middle with your child’s name circling the outside! How fun will it be to use this plate for breakfast every morning?! This item is 10” in diameter and can fit a name of up to 12 characters and spaces. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this item to a PO for FPO box. The price for one plate is a $25.95. The plates are dishwasher safe but are not safe for the microwave. Durable for the toughest toddler these plates will be around for years to come. Don’t forget to order the baby one in a few years!

Like adults, for many children drawing pictures can be not only fun but therapeutic as well. For the child who likes to let it all out by doodling take a look at our KaDoodle Kit number 7041. This tote-able doodling kit is always enjoyable and the ideal way to take drawing on the go. Whether you are taking it is to grandmas, to the hospital waiting room, in the car or beyond. For $35.95 you will receive two pads of personalized doodle paper, a pack of crayons and a plastic carrying case. Making this an item that the child can carry themselves without any help from a grown up.

It’s important to remind your children that a new baby means more fun, more love, more good times and best of all someone new to play with!

If jealousy is a very big concern, consider saying the gift isn’t from you but, from the new baby!

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