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This time of year, many of us are still making last minute attempts to get those thank you notes sent out from all the holiday gifts we received.

In my house this year, that is especially true. We had a baby in November, Christmas in December and celebrated two birthdays in January. So in between feedings and sleeping, I have been writing thank you notes.

It’s something I won’t allow myself to slack on much. Saying thank you to those who have taken the time to send a gift, a card, or a warm meal is very important. I was taught at a young age that you always send a note and as quickly as you can. I’m a little slow this year but, I think playing the new baby card will help.

 Having said that let me tell you about some of the thank you notes here at American Stationery. A new one that is bound to be a big seller is item number 3124. This note is called the Celestial Thank You Note Set. The set contains 20 note cards and 20 envelopes with four each of five different vibrant colors. When folded the note measures to 5.75” 3.875”. On the outside the note shows the words Thank you written several times in multiple fonts and in several sizes. In the bottom right corner your name is printed. For only $26.95 this versatile thank you set will make a great addition to your thank you collection. With the five colors to choose from you can be sure to never thank the same person twice with the same color. Or always send Aunt Betty pink because, she is so wild about pink! With plain white envelopes, your recipient will be surprised by the lovely bold colors that wait for them inside.

 If you crave color but, prefer to have a flat card, take a look at the beautiful rainbow thank you cards. These adorable correspondence cards come in a perfect 5.5” by 4.25 size. Thank you is printed at the top in a fun block rainbow while your name appears in a single color script font at the bottom right. For $55.00 you will receive 25 heavyweight cards and envelopes. How fun will these cards be to send? Or to  as a gift for your favorite young adult who is just learning to send thank you notes on her own? Keep in mind this item (number 2671) can have the envelopes printed for an additional $42.00. This is a perfect way to tie the entire look together.

With Valentine’s Day being a few days ago, it’s especially hard to pass up looking at item number 5215. These flat cards are appropriately titled “From the bottom of my heart cards”. This stark white card features your name at the top and the phrase “From The Bottom Of My Heart” at the bottom with a small heart design all in red. With plenty of room left to write on this 6.25” by 4.5” card you will be able to express just how much you “love” the gift you received.  

So hurry and stock up that way the next time you receive something to say thank you for, you will be well equipped. Then all you have to do is find some time. Don’t worry it can be done. Waiting in line for the kids at school, just before bed, or while helping the kids with their homework. Whenever you can, take the chance to say thank you! 

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