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During the winter months it can be much more difficult to keep in touch with family and friends. This has been especially true this winter as many of us have had to experience a more frustrating winter than normal due to the weather.

With the cold weather, the piles of snow and the sheets of ice this winter has kept many of us at home more than we would like. While the internet can provide for instant relief of the necessity for conversing with someone, there isn’t much to it. There’s no sentiment or warmth. 

So why not write down a message to your friends and family. A funny thing that happened recently, a letter updating how you have weathered the recent storm, or even a rant on how your kids will have no summer this year because of all the “make up” days. Whatever you have to say get it all out by writing it down. It’ll give your loved ones something to smile about when they make that long, difficult trek to the mailbox and notice they have a personal note inside. It will likely encourage them to respond back and then they too can get it all out.

So log on to the website and take a look around. We are adding new items all the time and there are plenty that will make you think warm happy thoughts for the time being. The best thing about ordering from us right now is that there is no need to leave your house. Go online, give us a a call, or mail the order in. We will promptly ship it to you. And you get to stay in your nice warm house.

You’ll be sure to think warm spring thoughts when you look at the new correspondence cards number 3090. These cards come in the typical 4.5″ by 6.25″ size but, that’s where the average correspondence card comparisons end. These cards offer a delightful twist. To the top left your name is written then just below an adorable dotted line crosses the card. Flush below the line we will print both your phone number and email address. These cards show you’re fun and ready to communicate! You will have plenty of admirers and are likely to receive a note back, even if just to ask where you purchased these notes. For $28.95 you will receive 25 cards with plain envelopes. For just a few dollars more you can have the inside of the envelope lined with a matching dotted design and or have the outside printed with your return address. 

Did you receive holiday money in the mail or maybe birthday money? What about a gift? Gifts that you would have received in person had the weather not been so bad? Did you have a young neighbor that was kind enough to shovel your walk and refused to take money or cookies? Was there a couple down the street who came by to check on you? Send them a thank you to let them know their kindness was not in vain on the new number 3136.

These new notes called “Brookfield notes” are the size of a typical folded note card but come in three very new colors. The heavyweight card stock comes in your choice of salmon, sage, or blue. With a solid white interior, there is plenty of room to gush and be thankful. The outside features a unique style of printing. The family name is first centered in black print with each individual’s name printed below. Then the family name is repeated along the edge in a more subtle white. There will be no doubt about who sent out these cards, and no doubt about which family has not only the best manners but, style as well. For $29.95 this set comes with 24 notes and plain envelopes. As always you may pay more to receive optional return address printing or envelope lining.

Get in the mood to hold your annual spring tea by purchasing the new 3150_2 spring tea memos. These beautiful memos feature a subtle Victorian design at the bottom and an elegant vintage teapot is shown lightly in the center. Your name will be printed at the top. Theses 6″ by 8″ memos are the perfect size to drop a few lines to your friend about the upcoming social gathering. Or request her thoughts on menu choices. With 100 sheets to a pad for $19.95 it would be hard to find a reason not to write.

So while, it appears as though many of us still have some winter weather to deal with, don’t let that get you down. Cheer yourself up with a new gift of stationery and keep in touch with family and friends.

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