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An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun, inexpensive, and stress-free party, enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Though Easter might not be the most common day to host a kids’ party, it certainly can be fun. With the spring weather, Easter egg hunts, party crafts and good food are sure to be a hit. Neighbors reconnect after being inside all winter. Adults watch kids experience the thrill of discovery. Kids of all ages can participate. And after the eggs are all gathered, you sit around and eat candy. What could be better? In short, an Easter Egg hunt is a fabulous occasion. It requires only a modest investment in time and money, but gives a tremendous reward in fun.

Decide on the time and date. First you need to decide on the day and time on which you want to throw the Easter party. Remember on the Easter day itself people have family dinners and gatherings to attend. Selecting the day before Easter should be good option. The best and most commonly opted option is for late morning or afternoon. If you are planning to host the party on Easter Sunday, opt for an afternoon event.

Design an Easter Egg hunt according to the age group. The Easter egg hunt is perfect for any age group. However, when throwing an Easter party keeping the age of your guests in mind is a good idea. If you have younger children in your guests list then hide the Easter eggs in places they can reach. For toddlers you can spread the eggs in the lawn. For older guests you can hide the eggs on trees, in bushes, or a top car tires. Choose the Easter game locations: Deciding on the Easter game location is again an important part. If you are planning to conduct the Easter game in the lawn or yard have a backup plan ready in case the climate stops being friendly. If hosting a block or neighborhood egg hunt, you may also consider spreading the hunt over several adjacent yards, or even hosting in a nearby park. If you are planning to have an Easter egg hunt indoors make sure that you remove all the furniture before hand so nobody will get hurt. Spread the eggs in such a way that the guests do not cause disorganization within the entire house.

All the preparations take place in advance; they can involve the entire family and can span a couple of weeks. An Easter Egg Hunt is a short party, only about 45 minutes total, so the parents stay.

If you are having a large party, it is likely that the kids invited will span range of ages. If that is the case, you will want to divide the Hunt into two groups: one for the little kids and one for the older kids. Make sure that the two groups are hunting in different areas, or you will have a lot of little kids with empty baskets.

Have two special eggs that are redeemable for prizes: “The Gold Egg” and “The Silver Egg.” The prizes don’t have to be expensive. Because we divide the participants into two age groups and they hunt in different places, we have two sets of special eggs. You can be inventive with these.

Everything is available in discount stores and markets, plan on one dozen fill-able plastic eggs for each hunter.

About three weeks prior to the Hunt, on every grocery trip, I buy some candy that will fit into the eggs–jellybeans, chocolate, and gummy animals.

Two weeks prior to the party, we send out invitations. The hunt for candy is a universal treat, so there is no need to confine your guest list to those celebrating Easter; our guests are people from various faiths.

Up to one week prior to the hunt, we stuff the eggs, mix up the candy, with a small variety in each egg. As we use two lawns, we divide our eggs up into two bags to ensure a proper distribution.

One-half hour prior to the arrival of the hunters, we set up the lawns and hide the eggs. The older kids hunt in the back yard, while the youngest hunters are in the front yard.

For the small kids, the eggs are mostly scattered directly on the lawn. We do add some “obstacles” to the lawn. We bring out the red wagon, the kid-sized golf bag, sand pail, and similar objects, and we hide the eggs in and on them. For the big kids, our back yard has more built-in hiding spots, so we have no need to add more hiding places. To ensure that every older kid gets an egg or two, at the edge of the lawn we have a row of eggs waiting.

One or more hunters will forget their collection basket, so we have some grocery bags on hand. The hunters will return to the driveway to show off their baskets, and then everyone sits down to crack open the eggs and eat the candy. We redeem the gold and silver eggs, and take pictures of our winners. Also, set out a large laundry basket or bin, to collect the plastic eggs for use the following year.


  • Hide eggs at or below the eye level of your children, as this makes it fairer to small kids who can’t see the tops of some objects
  • Try to divide the eggs evenly for younger children, as they may be upset if they don’t find many


  • Do not hide eggs around fragile or broken items, especially glass.
  • Do not hide eggs in any area near a road.
  • Keep hidden eggs far from electrical outlets or plugs.
  • Do not hide eggs in holes in tree trunks or the ground.

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