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Live Edit Users Guide (continued)

Font Stylizing — There are over 100 fonts within the Live Edit preview system to choose from. However, if none of them really seem to be the perfect font you had in mind you might want to try the bold and italic features. Simply double click the personalization wish to alter. Highlight the text within the pop up box and click the bold or italic buttons located at the top and center of the Live Edit preview window. Here is what the font stylizing button looks like:

Live Edit Font Stylizing

Then click OK and your change will be applied.

If you need to underline a specific part of your personalization or need to provide a place to write on you can use the underline tool. The underline tool is located right next to the bold and italic tools. The steps to product this affect are the same as those for the bold and italic tools. If you would like a blank line for a place to write a hand written message you can delete a line of personalization or simply hit enter to create a new line, click the underline button and simply press the space bar.

Bold, Italic and Underline are basic tools used in any word processing software. However, when used properly they can really transform your cards, invitations or announcements.

Font Justification — Font justification is another basic word processing tool. You can use this tool to justify text to the right, left or center. You can justify text on a line by line basis. Simply double click the area the personalization you wish to change is located and highlight the personalization you wish to shift. You will find the left, right and center justify buttons at the top and center of the Live Edit preview window.

Live Edit Font Justification

Once you have selected which way you would like to shift the text click the ok button and the change will be applied to your preview.

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