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The following is a brief outline of the tools within our Live Edit preview system. You will see the tools available within this tool bar:

Live Edit Tool Bar

This users guide will go into depth on each of these tools and explain how to use them later. For now, let us get familiar with each of the tools and what they can do.


Photo Upload — Upload personal photos to our designs and make them your own.

Font Selection — Over 100 fonts to choose from!

Font Size — Manipulate font size on a character by character, line by line basis.

Font Stylizing — Stylize your personalization by using the bold, italic or underline tools.

Font Justification —Justify your personalization on the left, right or center of your card.

Font Color — Change the color of your personalization on a character by character, line by line basis.

Line Spacing — Adjust the amount of space between lines to make room for more lines of personalization or to fill some empty space.

Our Live Edit preview allows you to do many things that make customizing your holiday cards, invitations or announcements easy to do. If you are familiar with any word processing software you won’t have any trouble applying that knowledge here. If you are not familiar with word processing software, don’t panic. We are here to help guide you through the process. Once you invest a little time into learning how to operate Live Edit, we are sure you’ll be pleased with what you see and with what you receive in the mail.

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