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Our Live Edit personalization and preview engine allows you to make any of our designs your own. The Live Edit engine provides you with tools similar to those included in contemporary word processing programs, empowering you to create something truly unique. You can select from a list of several fonts, make your text bold or italicized, and align your text to the left, right or center. For advanced word processing users, Live Edit also features the ability to change these font characteristics on a line by line or character by character basis. You can even adjust the spacing between lines. You can do as much or as little to our placeholder text as you wish. You end up with a card that matches your tastes and sense of style.

Aside from all that you can do to create a personal message on our Live Edit products, many of our designs also allow you to upload your favorite photo(s) for many occasions. Family photos are great for your annual holiday cards. Photos of the children are great for birthday invitations or birth announcements as well. Live Edit eliminates all the guessing! And the process is simple to follow:

  1. Find a design you like among our many Invitations, announcements, and other Live Edit designs.
  2. Choose to personalize the product.
  3. Double click the sample photo on the Live Edit preview.
  4. Upload your photo.

That’s it. Your photo will replace the sample photo in the online preview and allow you to fine tune and craft the perfect personalized cards. By loading your image into an instant preview of your item, Live Edit allows you to actually see how your text and photos will look on our designs before you purchase!

Additionally, Live Edit items also process through our facility more quickly than traditional preview and print items, so your personalized creations arrive that much faster!

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