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Live Edit Users Guide (continued)

Font Selection — As mentioned previously, if you have any experience with word processing software font selection should be a routine task. If you are not experienced in word processing don’t worry; it is a relatively easy thing to do and we are going to walk through it together right now. First, double click the portion of the design’s sample personalization you wish to change. The sample wording should appear in a box with a cancel and ok buttons at the bottom. Use your cursor to highlight the sample personalization or your own personalization. Simply click and hold the button down near the beginning of the personalization and drag the cursor to where the personalization ends. If you wish to only change the font for only a portion of the personalization simply click where you wish the change to start and drag to where you wish for the change to stop. The sample wording or your own personalization if you have already keyed it in should have a black background behind it. This black background is letting you know that the personalization has been selected. Now, in the top left corner of the Live Edit software you will see a drop down with a small arrow pointing downward.

Live Edit Font Selection Dropdown

This is the font selection drop down. The font name listed in the drop down is the font the sample wording is defaulted in. To change the font you simply click the down arrow and use the scroll bar to view other available fonts.

Live Edit Font Choices Dropdown

Once you choose a font you would like to see on your preview just click the font name and then click the OK button. The change should apply to your preview. If you do not like the font once you see it in your preview, simply repeat the steps until you find a font that suits your taste.

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