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I wanted to buy embossed note cards for my nephew and his wife and wanted to put their initials on the front of the card. His name is Phil, hers is Amber and their last name is M___. Is it proper to put PMA on the front of the card or should you not do that?


The Everyday Etiquette Answer:

Dear Rosie,

What a thoughtful gift for your nephew and his wife! Everyone needs and enjoys receiving personalized stationery. It is one of my favorite gifts to give.

The joint monogram is very popular today. It is proper to put this monogram on the front of a folded note. Traditionally, it should read as follows…AMP. You will note that Amber’s initial is first – the M for M___ is second and larger – Phil’s initial is last.

Be sure to look at all the great choices available on American Stationery’s web site and have fun selecting the perfect gift.

Ms. Carey

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