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I’ve never been good at waiting in lines. I feel like I’m wasting time when I’m just sitting somewhere thumbing through an outdated magazine. That’s why I always keep writing papers with me. American Stationery has several styles of note cards that are easy to keep in my purse or car. 

The Single Frame Embossed Notes and The Ultimate Embossed Double Border Notes are two of my personal favorites! I like that I can choose the color of paper and have my monogram or name embossed on the notes. These writing papers look sophisticated and rich but are sold for a fantastic price! And they’re the perfect size for a quick "hello" or "thank you" as well as for a more wordy correspondence—it depends on how long you have to wait!

I also like to use the Multitasking Padded Memos with Envelopes. They’ve been a lifesaver when I’m sitting on the sidelines of one of my kids’ sporting events, or while I’m waiting during one of their lessons, or when I realize that I’ve forgotten to write a note for early dismissal and I’m driving up to the school to pick up one of my kids for an orthodontist appointment. These memos are very practical — the name Multitasking Padded Memos is just perfect! If you don’t keep some kind of writing paper in your purse or car, I suggest that you give it a try. You can make good use of your "waiting room" moments!

–Your fellow American Stationery Customer, Mindy Mac

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