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Spur of the moment situations
Invitations aren’t just for dinner parties and formal events. Impress your friends by sending invitations to everyday events. You never know, a hand written invitation might encourage them to come, which will encourage you to entertain more. Here are a few everyday spur of the moment events for which blank note cards would make the perfect invitations.

  • Ladies day out
    Our Pastel Border Note Assortment is the perfect note card to use when organizing a Ladies’ Day.
  • Father/son go if outing
    Your guys will be the talk of the green when you use our “Hole in One” Correspondence Cards to announce tee time.
  • Dinner with extended family members
    Why not invite the family over for dinner, you have to cook any way right? They’ll be happy to come when they receive your invitation in the mail when it’s written on our Favorite Hand Bordered Notes.
  • Children ‘s play dates
    Our Swizzle Notes are the perfect way to invite friends to a day at the park.
  • Movie Night
    For an invitation to movie night any blank note card will do, but why not do it with style and use our Jet Black Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards. Be sure to remember the popcorn!
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