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Men do not typically sit and write letters for hours about personal matters. Most men prefer to write quick notes and be done. If they need to write a letter, they typically go for more formal stationery options. We have put together a quick reference guide if you’re looking for a nice gift for the man in your life.

Correspondence Cards
Men usually prefer flat stationery instead of folded note cards. Correspondence cards are generally in the 4″ by 6″ size range, made from heavyweight card stock, come with or without a border and are typically used for brief notes. They are simply flat cards that are used for shorter correspondence.

Social Sheets
These sheets are perfect for men, measuring somewhere around 6″ by 8″. Social-sized stationery simply folds in half and slips into matching envelopes. Excellent for quick letters.

Men do write an occasional long letter. Be sure to order blank second sheets. You should not use a personalized sheet for a second page.

Monarch Sheets
Monarch Sheets, or executive stationery, generally measures 7″ by 10″ and are used for personal or business letters. Many paper and ink color choices are available, but color selection should be narrowed to the man’s general taste. If purchasing the stationery as a gift, ivory or white paper with a black, navy blue or grey ink are typical choices for men. Typically, personalization on monarch sheets includes the man’s name and address printed at the top.

Again, make sure to order blank sheets. Traditionally, letters are written only on the front of a sheet. Using the second sheets allows for additional writing room.

Informal Notes
Informal notes typically measure around 3″ by 5″. Men often choose an informal note as a way of saying thanks, a quick reminder or just a quick note. Several personalization options are available on these as well, however most men choose to have their name or monogram printed in a masculine block font. Popular color choices are black, navy blue or grey ink on white or ivory paper.

While these are some general guidelines for gift ideas for men, you can check out our “Stationery for Men” category for more suggestions. We believe there is a set of personalized stationery for everyone.

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