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With so many designs and colors to choose from, choosing the appropriate fold note can be complicated; we are here to make it easier.  The fact that there are many designs to choose, means that you are sure to find the design that fits you best.  Your personal taste and style determines which design is best for you. 

If you prefer a more elegant look, you may choose a design that incorporates an embossed name or monogram.  Generally you can get these elegant notes in white or ecru with some printers offering them in soft pink or blue as well.  For an even more elegant look, you may choose our Ultimate Embossed Double Border Notes.

If you prefer something more conventional and a little less elegant, you may choose a printed fold note rather than an embossed fold note.  These notes may be plain or may include an embossed border such as our Embossed Triple Border Notes.  These notes may not have the elegant embossing, but generally the name is printed in a thermograved ink, making the note just as beautiful.  Generally you can choose your name or monogram and occasionally you can add your favorite design or motif as well.

The new wave of digital printing has increased the capabilities of printers and designers everywhere.  No longer are printers limited to one ink color designs.  Now the sky is the limit for designers and consumers alike; from bright and fun designs to elegant and formal.  Digital printing has not only allowed for multiple color designs, but it has also started a new fad of photo products like our Digital Photo Christmas Cards.  There are now many designs that allow you to add your favorite photo to your stationery.  This new capability is perfect for holiday cards, thank you notes and even wedding announcements.  Adding a photo to you stationery is another way of making the stationery a little more personal.

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