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With the holiday season fast approaching, some of you may be gearing up to tackle all your holiday related to-dos. You might have to help the kids find the perfect costume, dust off your tried and true recipes, and shop ‘til you drop, checking off gift lists. As fun as the holidays are, the season can be exhausting!

We understand in between trick-or-treats, feasts, and Christmas shopping, some things are bound to slip your mind, but don’t end up waking up on January 1st remembering that you never sent out your annual Christmas cards!

Part of the best thing about the holiday season is spending time with loved ones. You see family and friends you may not see during the rest of the year. It’s great to catch up with loved ones, but if those loved ones are far away or unable to be visited, sending an annual Christmas card is a loving reminder they are thought about during the season. This means that forgetting to send them out is just something that you shouldn’t slip up on!

In order to ensure your greeting cards are all stamped and in the mail well before December 25th, you should tackle them early this year! We’re here to give you insight on how to construct the popular trends, the perfect greeting card, and everyone you should send a card to this holiday season!

Picking the Perfect Card
Picking out the card is a lot of fun, but you to keep in mind who you are sending them to when it comes to picking out a design.

The overall theme or message of the card should depend on you who you plan to mail them to. If you are sending cards to a lot of acquaintances or business connections, you should refrain from something religious or perhaps overly Christmas-like. You don’t want your well wishes to offend anyone. A simple card that has a generic holiday message works perfectly in this situation.

For family and friends that you know personally, you can choose something more meaningful or Christmas oriented. These can have Christmas trees, Santa, or religious overtones if they share the same belief as you.

Writing Your Card
Writing your card can be tricky. However, there are a few things you can include to create a card that is meaningful yet which sends holiday cheer. Essentially, you can make the message as long or short as you want. This should also vary depending on whom you are addressing. When writing to a business associate, for example, a simple greeting of happiness for the holiday season will suffice. You may even want to thank them for their business and wish them a safe/happy/profitable New Year.

On the other hand, if you are writing a loved one you rarely see, you might want to send a brief overview of the major events that occurred during the year and/or what you are looking forward to in the new year. You can also take the initiative and ask questions about the events going on in their life. In this sense, it is okay to write more of a letter, if you are addressing someone you know on a personal basis.

Additionally, whether a business associate, family member, or friend, it is always nice to include an updated photograph of your family. That is a popular trend with holiday cards, and it gives your card a personal touch.

Another thing to remember: You should always hand write something. Even if the message printed on the card is enough, a simple “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family” will add a personal note the recipient will appreciate. Try to add something specific to about the relationship, when you can.

To Whom should Cards be Sent?
Santa is not the only one who should be checking off a list! Make sure you jot down the names of everyone before writing and mailing each card. This way, you are sure not to miss anyone.

Is this your first time sending holiday cards? Here is good starting point of people to send Christmas cards to:

• Parents
• Grandparents
• Coworkers
• Neighboring companies you conduct business with (for business owners)
• Clients (for small companies and business owners)
• Friends
• Neighbors
• Families of your children’s playmates
• Aunts
• Uncles
• Cousins
• Teachers
• Mentors

Get the kids involved in doing a good deed this holiday season, and send a holiday card, along with a care package, to the following:

• Soldiers who are stationed overseas
• Nursing homes
• Women’s and children’s shelters and organizations

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