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Thanks to modern technology, we are able to fire off texts and emails to convey any message we may need to send. In today’s society, we have gotten used to modern conveniences as the main methods of communication. Instead of walking to the next office over, we quickly write and send (usually without a second glance) an email to our coworkers.

After house warming parties or bridal showers, it is not unlikely that the host might want to send a mass thank you text to all the guests. Plus, in the business world, it is not only the norm, but also expected for someone to send an email after meeting with a potential client or after a networking event to further the relationship or send thanks.

To update our friends, we might send a tweet, make a Facebook status, or post an image to our Instagram feed about achievements and milestones that happen in our lives. It is easy to get lost in the sea of instant communication, but some situations call for the simplistic beauty of a handwritten note.

Think of how much better you will be perceived, in all of those situations, if you send a handwritten note on quality stationery instead of a hasty email. You will not only stick out in the person’s mind, but you will likely be called on again, whether the note was after an interview or for a service provided.

Although a thing of the past, we should consider hand-written notes for the situations that call for them. We understand it is not reasonable to send a note over an email for internal business purposes; however, a simple and elegant note can create a wider network for your business or to add more clients.

For Small Businesses
As a small business owner, your time is limited. We understand that you usually have a million things on your to-do list; however, if you take the time to write out notes and letters, you might see a positive change in your business.

When you wish to reach prospective clients and/or say thank you to vendors and clients, consider sending a note, over an email or phone call. Emails are easy to ignore and can get lost in the junk filters. Phone calls are often seen as invasive and it can prove challenging to reach someone this way.

On the other hand, letters are hard to be ignored and are not invasive. Plus, when a potential client or customer sees a handwritten note from you and your business, they are more likely to think of your business when they are in need of the service.

As a small business owner, you should think of handwritten letters as an opportunity, rather than an obligation. You will make strong connections that are needed to thrive, and chances are your customers will love the unexpected letter.

Thank-You Notes
Many people underestimate the power of a handwritten note. If you received gifts during a baby shower, bridal shower, housewarming party, retirement party, birthday party, or any other event, you should consider sending a thank you card. This will show your gratitude for the gift your friend or family member spent time and money on.

However, there is a proper etiquette to the old-school hand-written note. Here are the few things you should keep in mind:

• Hand write the note.
The extra effort will go a long way. Even though it is easier to type out a letter or email, actually writing your words on thank you cards is a more sincere form of gratitude.

• Personalize it.
We don’t just mean use personalized stationery. Make sure you specifically list the gift item and say how you are going to use it in the future.

• Take your time.
The presentation of your note says a lot. Take your time to neatly write it, and make sure the pen you use does not scratch and the ink does not smudge. You don’t want to look as though you hastily wrote the note.

• Always send the note.
Although it is best to send the note promptly, make sure you always send one even if it is late.

It is also worth mentioning that sending a handwritten thank you to a potential employer will demonstrate that you not only are serious about the job, but you will stand out against your competition.

Rather than for a specific gift, thank them for taking the time out of their busy schedule to conduct the interview. You should also say it was a pleasure to meet them, and you look forward to hearing from them in the future.

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