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In today’s classrooms, teachers need all the extra help they can get. Classroom populations are at an all time high. Many classes even at quality rural schools have an excess of 25 children per one teacher in the classroom. We all know that the smaller the classroom size the more ideal it is for the educational process. It makes sense because of course we work better when there is less noise and distraction. Many classrooms request parents to come in and help. This help can range from volunteering for field trips, to helping organize crafts, and bringing in snacks. Volunteers and “class moms” are present in virtually every classroom. Unfortunately, a lot of the time teachers struggle to find these volunteers. But, once they have a few good ones of course they want to hang on to them. While, we know teachers are over worked and under paid it makes sense that they would want to thank their volunteers. This is incredibly kind of them because, we know it’s proper to purchase them gifts as a way to thank them for all the work they do but, they don’t have to purchase gifts for their volunteers. Not receiving material or monetary compensation is part of volunteering. With all of this in mind below is a compiled list of ideas for all of our teachers as a guide to purchasing volunteer gifts.

Check out our Pretty Vines Note and Label set. This item is ideal for the volunteer that is always completely “put together”. Number 9060N is a beautiful set of colorful notes and address labels. Both the notes and address labels are covered in a light scrolling vine design. Across the center is a block of space ready to frame your volunteer’s name. You can choose the perfect color for her from pink, mint, or light blue. Each card is accented with a light brown color for a very balanced look. Each set contains 24 folded note cards and envelopes. The inside of each note card has a full blank interior for plenty of room to write. You will also receive with the set 48 matching address labels. The labels feature a solid block of color and a small vine swirl to the left with the volunteer’s name and address to the right. For only $28.95 this is a fabulous choice for the volunteer’s in your classroom.

Have a volunteer who just loves to laugh? This is the one who has no trouble getting down on the child’s level and giggling away with them. Take a peek at item number 9523 the book Chuckles to Cheer You. This book contains plenty of bloopers, riddles, jokes and more. All of which are sure to delight your favorite volunteers! This soft cover book contains over 144 pages of enjoyment for your volunteers. At the price of $5.95 this is a great gift to stock up on. Requiring no personalization this item is likely to ship within just a couple days of ordering.

Have a volunteer who is a chronic list maker? Look at all of our slender notepads. For just $14.95 you have your choice of multiple designs. Each pad is 3 3/4″ x 9 1/4″ and features multiple lines with your volunteer’s name at the top. Each set contains three memo pads all of 50 sheets a piece. These notepads are tied together with a beautiful ribbon and can be given as is or wrapped up. Number 3080 offers a whimsical floral design sure to delight and offer cheer every time it is reached for. But, that is just one of the many designs. With a quick search on our website of the word slender, you will view all of the designs there is definitely something for everyone.

Is your classroom not the only place where your volunteer um.. volunteers? Is your classroom helper just a busy bee all around? Take a look at our fun calendars. Not only are there multiple sizes and designs to choose from but, they are in our clearance section. For just $3.95 you can order a fabulous blank calendar for you volunteer. Choose from Mom’s Weekly Planner # 3055_04 with spots for all of the typical “mom” activities to menu planners and more. Several items such as the 3055_04 are sold in the large 11″ x 8 1/2″ size where some like the Plum Pudding # 3056_22 are sold in the 11″ x 4.25″ size. All of them are blank for your information and contain 52 individual sheets.

With many more items to choose from at a variety of prices, you’ll be hard pressed to not find the perfect gift for your classroom volunteers. So take a look around but, do it soon!

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