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The hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year’s is now over. But, just when you feel like you are getting back into the swing of things, you remember about Valentine’s Day.

For Valentine’s Day we often think of many different things. The color pink, heart shaped paper valentines, cherubs, flowers and many more things. A little research suggests that flowers have been given on Valentine’s Day for several hundred years, whether to ward off evil spirits by surrounding the loved one in a lovely scent, to sending secret messages that are tied to each flower. For instance it is said that daisies indicate both beauty and purity while the red rose signifies love. It is said that whole bouquets would be sent in ancient times and would translate an entire message to the recipient with out a word written down.

While, there is much debate on why flowers tend to be the most popular gift given on Valentine’s Day, there is no denying that it is so. Red roses have long been the traditional favorite but, in recent years with the advancement in shipping etc. couples are able to give and receive just about any flower no matter if it is currently in season nearby or not.

A very popular summertime flower is the always joyful looking sunflower. While we do not sell flowers here at American Stationery, we certainly have our share of products with a floral design. Such as the Sunflower notes and seals. These adorable folded notes will certainly add some sunshine to your valentine’s day! After all Valentine’s Day is a rather chilly holiday for most of us. So who wouldn’t want to receive a set of bright and cheerful note cards? These digitally printed cards display a large vibrant bouquet of sunflowers with her name printed in the lower left corner. They are sold as a set of 24 folded notes with 70 seals for $28.95 with the note card personalization included. The item number for this set which includes plain white envelopes is 2784. If you would like to complete the entire look, opt for the optional yellow envelope liner. You ma purchase matching address labels for just $29.95 per set of 48, and the item number for the matching digitally printed address labels is 9229. These beautiful notes are sure to bring a warm smile to her face.

Sunflowers aren’t her thing? Maybe your sweetheart requires a little more whimsy? Take a peak at our very stylish Mia Summer Collection fold notes. These fabulous notes display several different rose blooms in an “impressionistic” style. The warm colors covering the entire outside cover of the note are sure to be a hit. Inside there is plenty of room to write a note. One box of this item number 9818 contains 20 folded notes with plain envelopes for $32.00. But, that isn’t all. We also offer optional additional matching accessories that will help her to tie the entire look together. From book plates 12 for $26.00, to address labels, 48 for $29.95 a calendar of 52 sheets for $29.95, and calling cards that come in a set of 75 for $28.95. We have practically every option available to complete this look.

You know what else screams “Valentine’s day”? Hearts do. In ancient times, it was believed that love came from the heart. While we now know that it in fact comes from the brain. The tradition of hearts meaning love has carried on. If your loved one enjoys all things pretty and pink take a look at our Hearts memo pad assortment. For $34.95 you will receive three assorted pads featuring different displays of pink and white hearts and stripes. Each pad contains 50 sheets and are the perfect sizes for note taking and giving. The item number is 8134 and the pads take just a few days to print.

Maybe hearts aren’t her thing. But, who can resist bold shades of pink, red, and orange? Item 2798 is our beautiful Sun Rays memo pad set. Three pads of 75 brightly colored sheets each with white printing makes a lovely gift. We tie them all together with a beautiful bow and present them in a blue American Stationery box. For just $21.95 she will love these lined pads and so will you.

If note cards and memo pads aren’t her thing, we still have a few options to show you. Is she one of those ladies that enjoys having photos displayed everywhere, from the walls to the tabletops and every where in between? If this is the case consider taking one of your wedding photos and putting it inside a customized photo frame.

We currently sell several different types of photo frames.

Check out our selection of natural wood frames.  For just $19.95 these exquisite natural wood frames make a terrific choice for you to display your favorite photo. They are laser engraved and made to order. You can personalize them with your choice of message! From “I love you” to your wedding date and more the options go on forever. Specifically item # 2813_8v is a terrific choice for your sweetheart as it has several small hearts engraved beautifully into the wood. All frame styles are available in your choice of vertical or horizontal and hold a 4″ x 6″ photo. Each frame has an easel back so that you may display it on a  table or hang from the wall.

Is the wood grain not vibrant enough? Then look at our other photo frames under the great gifts collection. With a dozen or so styles to choose from finding the right color and design combination for her should be a breeze. For instance item number 2875HM features a monogram at the top and holds her favorite 4″ x 6″ photo in the center. With your option of colorful pattern, it is easy to make your own. We also feature the frame with wording in lieu of a monogram and in a vertical display. For $34.95 this frame is a terrific choice for your photo loving loved one. Photo frames do take additional production time.

Whatever you chose to do for Valentine’s Day this year, we hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

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