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With the holidays behind us the “season” of gift giving has come and gone for a while but that is not to say that we are done purchasing gifts. As there are many reasons to purchase gifts throughout the year.

Many of us work in office settings and as such have several colleagues many of whom we work closely with on a daily basis. Some we come to develop a bond with; even at times a friendship and so we naturally feel compelled to buy them something for their birthday. But, once word gets round that you bought them a gift others may feel left out. So, while we would never encourage you to purchase a gift for every staff member’s birthday we will provide some tips for gifts for those colleagues whom you work closely with but, you aren’t necessarily “best friends”.

Remember when you worked so closely with Jennifer on the new account? Remember how she never had problem bringing both of you a latte but, always forgot her pen? So you loaned her yours daily for a week. When her birthday comes around why not purchase her one of our Sheaffer® pens? These beautiful ball point pens write smoothly every time. Because they are so stunning we doubt she’ll forget to bring it along everywhere! For added security, order it personalized with her name. We offer a wide variety of color selections on our website. Just search pen in the search box and view all of the fabulous color options.  They are sold for only $12.50 non-personalized or $17.50 personalized and, believe me they look like a million bucks! Now that I think of it, you should really order a personalized one for yourself while you’re at it. It will give you some extra comfort knowing that if she picks it up, she just may notice it’s not hers what, with the name of someone else on it. The personalization on the pen is done by etching and the finished product is simply exquisite

The plush corner office may be the “Dream” for now but, until then those small offices and or cubicles that you all are stuck in could use some spicing up I’ll bet. So find out their favorite scent and order them a personalized candle.  Our Crossroads® personalized candles are a great choice for the project partner who tries in vain to keep their office a reflection of peace and calm.  With several different scents to choose from these candles will be the perfect choice for any personality. You can customize them with a name, short phrase, or monogram. They burn for approximately 140 hours and the smell is simply divine. At 5.5″ by 4″ they are just the right size for any office and for $21.95, the right price too! The engraving gives item 2832 an expensive look but without the price.

Maybe it isn’t your co-worker’s birthday but, you feel the desire to purchase them a gift. For instance, together you landed the new big account, and you wish to show your appreciation for all of the hard work they put in. The Business Basics Card Ensemble #5257 is the perfect gift for them. This unique set contains 150 cards with matching envelopes! With two different sizes and three different personalization choices, they’ll be using these cards for any and everything and for a long time to come. This ensemble features two correspondence cards of 50 each. One set has the name printed across the top the other just initials. The smaller enclosure cards feature the first name only. You will also choose paper color, ink color and your choice of block or script writing. This is a terrific gift set at just $36.95. This item is the perfect choice for the person who always remembers events and is bursting with etiquette pointers. You know the person who tells you that you should have sent a thank you no matter what the gift? This is the gift for her!

Last but not least you cannot overlook the many possibilities that come with browsing our memo section on the website. If your co-worker is a huge list maker and note giver. (There is one in every office!) Then a memo pad set is perfect for them. A favorite of many customers is the Deluxe Business Memo set # 3180. This 5″ by 8″ pad has a spot for everything and still plenty of room to write. From their name, title, email phone and more we can list it all on the pad for them here. Each pad contains 100 bound sheets and each set contains two pads for $19.95. Positive impressions are easy to make with this pad as the professional look to it is unparalleled in any other memo. Trust us, anyone who loves to give all the details  will be over the moon to have a sheet of paper that already contains so much information.

So take a few to sit back and browse the website. Think of who really needs to be acknowledged and purchase a gift for them today.

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