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Having a baby is one of life’s major milestones. There is so much that goes into it with the childbirth classes, sleepless nights, midnight cravings, shopping and all those doctor appointments. Then after your little bundle is here, life is forever busy. It’s a good thing you got used to it while pregnant! We know how much work it is to have a new baby in the home. So, whether it’s her first child or her fourth every mom deserves a gift during this special time in her life.

Did you know that one of the most troublesome parts of becoming a mom is the isolation that mothers often feel? You’re cooped up most if not all the day for weeks on end with no one but a baby to talk to. It can feel very difficult.  Why not purchase God’s Messages Book for the new mother in your life? Item number 8161 is $5.50 and makes the perfect gift to have on hand when she feels stressed or blessed. This book is full of inspiring words to help her for all of life’s ups and downs. She will definitely feel as though you not only care, but understand what she is going through.

Not knowing when and if you want company is all part of the emotional ups and downs mentioned above.  With that said, you may look into purchasing her some letter sheets so that she can correspond with those she wants to, when she wants to. Writing out how you feel is therapeutic and taking the time to sit and relax is important for everyone especially new moms. From explaining that breastfeeding is much more difficult than she imagined to a full page just on how awesome she felt when she saw that first smile getting it all out will be no problem! Item number S4 is perfect for a wordy momma. Not only does the set come with 100 personalized sheets but, it comes with an additional 100 second sheets. With plenty of room she can carry on as much as she would like! For $38.95 she will receive 200 sheets and 100 envelopes in total.

Adjusting to a new life with another person in tow can make even the most organized mom a bit frazzled at first. Luckily we have just the thing for her. Our Mom’s Weekly Planner item number 3055_04 is the perfect gift for the new mom on the go. This pad contains 52 tear away sheets with spots ready for each day of the week. With a special column full of reminders like date night it will be a cinch to keep up with important and mundane tasks alike. For $3.95 this present would make a perfect addition to a coming home gift basket.

Play dates may be a bit far into the future but, before you know it mommy and me yoga class will be part of her daily routine. One of the hardest parts but, most important of adapting to new mom life is making other mom friends. Some of us are the only mom in our circle of friends for a long time so it’s important to branch out. You never know when you will need some advice or just a reassuring smile. The Ladybug Calling Cards number 6905 are a splendid gift idea for a new mom. These cards are digitally printed with her information and two adorable lady bugs. 40 cards is just $20.95 and there is plenty of room for any tidbits of information you think she’d like on the card. These are ideal to hand out when leaving a baby music class for those much needed mommy brunch dates.

We know that outfits, teddies, and booties are so much fun to buy, and we encourage you to enjoy yourself buying gifts for baby. But, don’t leave mom out! She’ll appreciate the gifts for both her and baby very much during this time of joy!

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