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Memos are meant to be a way to jot down a quick note. They are normally not designed to be mailed, which is why most do not come with envelopes. Memos are sold in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Some are glued together, others are not. Some are even self stick and make convenient office supplies. From the simple to the elaborate, American Stationery offers many different choices.

Self-stick memos are the perfect addition to any desk. These re-positionable memos are padded together by their adhesive backing and are sold in a cube or a pad. Be sure to get the memo holder for an additional charge. It is money well spent as it will go a long way in organizing the desk of any professional or stay at home mom.

Designer memos are one of the larger memo pads available. This stationery measures 4 1/2″ x 7″ and give you a little extra space for those longer notes. These memos have several icons to choose from including holiday designs, pets, beach, symbols and hobbies. To top it off these memos are offered in several different ink colors and typestyles.

Thinking fashion forward? Then maybe our Fashion Striped Memos are just for you! These memos are perfect for quick notes and the striped patter makes them perfect for to do lists. There are several designs just for the fashion forward.

Leave a lot of notes or like to keep things organized? Our personalized Organizer & Memos may be just the thing for you. These memos have been a staple in our collection for many years and for many reasons. The set offers three sizes of memos pads which allow you to leave notes and reminders of different lengths and boasts a clear acrylic holder to keep everything organized.

Need to keep your children on task? Our Colorful Memo Set is great for doing just that! These memos are perfect for your children to write reminders and to do lists on. The memos will keep your children on task and may even make letter writing a fun and enjoyable hobby in the digital era we live in.

As you can see there are many different types of memos available. American Stationery has many designs, colors and sizes to choose from. The choice is yours; however you may not be able to pick just one!

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