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Can you hear it? Can you hear the alarm buzzing loudly in your ear? Can you hear the moans and groans as the children drudge down the stairs? It won’t be long now. Soon, if not already, these sounds will become part of your daily routine and join the tune of the school bells, recess whistles, and rumbles of the school bus. It is nearly time for your home to empty and the school halls to fill up. This means you will also be thinking of the many people and activities you and your children will become part of over the next several months.

Your children and youngsters usually equate going back to school with getting up early and doing homework. You, however, as a graduate of the school of life, know that the school years are filled with many experiences that become fond memories. Many of those memories will be derived from the personal experiences they have with teachers and classmates.

We place a huge amount of trust in our children’s teachers. Looking back over your own school years, it probably stands to reason that you encountered some really terrific educators. So too will your children. These individuals not only impart new knowledge, but they are role models and are often a source of confidence building. It is a heavy burden teachers carry for the children in their temporary care. Teachers have chosen their field of expertise, but rarely get the credit they are due. It is not for some glorious high honor they are after. It is the satisfaction of knowing they have made a positive impact on their students.

This school year try to remember that the only reward your child’s teacher may earn is the acknowledgment of a job well done. Share your enthusiasm with that teacher with a gesture of kindness. You could have your child bring in an apple for the teacher or maybe even some colored chalk to spice up their time spent at the chalkboard. But, don’t forget them on special occasions like a holiday or their birthdays. A teacher would perhaps enjoy some personalized memos, such as our DYO Memos. This type of gift highlights their name as well as their love for teaching (by selecting our school days icon — F54).

Teachers not only need feedback from their students, but would appreciate a shared thought from you as well. Think about it, many of us focus on the negative. What a difference it would make to get a little note from a parent expressing gratitude or a kind thought. Maybe you could send a note to the teacher on your personalized stationery. Maybe you have something like our Multitasking Padded Memos that you could pull out of your desk drawer and let them know just how incredible they are.

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