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Retiring could be compared to what we used to feel at the beginning of our summer, Christmas or spring breaks from school, that great feeling of elation and freedom from the burdens of studying, home work, and tests. It was a break to relax, clear your thoughts, and have a little time free from day to day stress! By the time our breaks ended, we were refreshed and ready to face a brand new bunch of challenges.

For most of those facing retirement it is a cause for celebration, but it can also be a little down hearted because the retiree is preparing to depart their work place, work friends and normal routine. That is why throwing a retirement party is a great way to say goodbye, and wish the lucky retiree good luck as they enter in to a new chapter and adventure in their life.

In years past retirement was associated with days full of TV, books, propping up of feet and relaxation. Today those images seem to be in the minority…today retirees are busy moving away to a warm place, starting a new exercise program, volunteering their time or starting a new career. They may have children and grandchildren close by, but the financial responsibilities are gone, and this is more their time to enjoy their lives than ever! So why not plan them a retirement party they can start their new life with!?

Whether you are planning this celebration for a close relative, such as a parent, sister, brother, or any family member in general, or for a co-worker, or just a good friend, make their retirement celebration party a special time for them and everyone else! You can hold your party at your home, the retiree’s home, a family member’s home, a favorite restaurant or even a city park. Anything goes, as long as you ensure that your retirees preferences in mind. When you have decided on a date, and a location you should start selecting your invitations. American Stationery has a nice selection of retirement party invitations that should allow you to find something that suites your party and guest of honor. When you complete your invitation copy, be sure to let the guest know if a gift is appropriate. If so, they can bring a gift, and gift cards, and money all for the retiree with time on their hands!

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